Cristina Gottardi

Hi! I’m an enthusiastic 27 year old Web Designer living and working in Milan. I'm from Trentino - in northern Italy - and I'm in love with the silence of landscapes and views hidden by my beloved mountains.

location Milan, Italy

Winter Sun On Snowy Mountain | View photo

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italian cliffs

Italian Cliffs

vibrant and snowy sunset

Vibrant And Snowy Sunset

village with forrest hills and cliffs

Village With Forrest Hills And Cliffs

blue water and white cliffs surrounded by trees

Blue Water And White Cliffs Surrounded By Trees

person watching sunset above the clouds

Person Watching Sunset Above The Clouds

person sitting on a bench and looking out to the ocean

Person Sitting On A Bench And Looking Out To The Ocean

lone snow walk

Lone Snow Walk

music at the pantheon

Music at the Pantheon

deforestation at the foot of mountains

Deforestation At The Foot Of Mountains

person sits and takes in the rocky mountain view

Person Sits And Takes In The Rocky Mountain View

cascading clouds surrounding hilltops at sunset

Cascading Clouds Surrounding Hilltops At Sunset

two people sit high up to take in the evening sunset

Two People Sit High Up To Take In The Evening Sunset

sunrise over stone buildings in golden light

Sunrise Over Stone Buildings In Golden Light

three yellow green and red matching buildings

Three Yellow Green And Red Matching Buildings

historical alley with arch doorway

Historical Alley With Arch Doorway

hiking break in italy

Hiking Break In Italy

a colorful fruit cart on wheels

A Colorful Fruit Cart On Wheels

coliseum closeup with blue sky

Coliseum Closeup With Blue Sky

sandune like terrain

Sandune Like Terrain

rolling hills on farm land

Rolling Hills On Farm Land

people sit on red bench and admire the view

People Sit On Red Bench And Admire The View

winter sun on snowy mountain

Winter Sun On Snowy Mountain

sun bleached wooden walkway through tall grass

Sun Bleached Wooden Walkway Through Tall Grass

person looks out towards white mountains in the fall

Person Looks Out Towards White Mountains In The Fall

old man thinking by the harbor

Old Man Thinking By The Harbor

vibrant red sunset over rooftop

Vibrant Red Sunset Over Rooftop

man on top of a hill

Man On Top Of A Hill

dark halls

Dark Halls

mountain lake scene

Mountain Lake Scene

white alleyway with person at the end taking in the view

White Alleyway With Person At The End Taking In The View

mountain top view in italy

Mountain Top View In Italy

person reaches upward in open grassy field

Person Reaches Upward In Open Grassy Field

snow covered mountains reflect on the water by a fall forest

Snow Covered Mountains Reflect On The Water By A Fall Forest

person dances in brown grassy hillside

Person Dances In Brown Grassy Hillside

branches with spring blossoms frame a mountian view

Branches With Spring Blossoms Frame A Mountian View

stream flows through mountain forest

Stream Flows Through Mountain Forest

Sunset Over Some Mountains

Sunset Over Some Mountains

arched hallway with light coming through a doorway

Arched Hallway With Light Coming Through A Doorway

mountains reflecting in lake

Mountains Reflecting In Lake

view of trees from above

View Of Trees From Above

mountains and crystal clear water

Mountains And Crystal Clear Water

sepia alley with ivy on the walls

Sepia Alley With Ivy On The Walls

sunset above the clouds

Sunset Above The Clouds

old mill at sunset

Old Mill At Sunset

person walks into cliffside shore line

Person Walks Into Cliffside Shore Line

closed driveway to an old stone church

Closed Driveway To An Old Stone Church

person snorkels off white rocky shoreline

Person Snorkels Off White Rocky Shoreline

forested valley ending at mountain

Forested Valley Ending At Mountain

apartment balconies in a tight alley

Apartment Balconies In A Tight Alley

three matching yellow green and red buildings

Three Matching Yellow Green And Red Buildings