Cristina Gottardi

Hi! I’m an enthusiastic 27 year old Web Designer living and working in Milan. I'm from Trentino - in northern Italy - and I'm in love with the silence of landscapes and views hidden by my beloved mountains.

location Milan, Italy

Winter Sun On Snowy Mountain | View photo

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person in red walks down stone alleyway

Person In Red Walks Down Stone Alleyway

column lined pathway

Column Lined Pathway

grey alleyway with stone street

Grey Alleyway with Stone Street

cottages and reflections on a lake

Cottages And Reflections On A Lake

rocky shoreline lit by orange sunset

Rocky Shoreline Lit By Orange Sunset

brick castle framed in an archway

Brick Castle Framed In An Archway

building covered with bougainvillea in full bloom

Building Covered With Bougainvillea In Full Bloom

low angle of a church altar

Low Angle Of A Church Altar

person admires a sculpted altar

Person Admires A Sculpted Altar

person knocks on large wooden doorway

Person Knocks On Large Wooden Doorway

young person knocks on large blue doorway

Young Person Knocks On Large Blue Doorway

large white sky and a round orange roof

Large White Sky And A Round Orange Roof

beachfront buildings nestled at the base of a cliff

Beachfront Buildings Nestled At The Base Of A Cliff

free images of greece

Valley Of The Temples

city view of terracotta rooftops and rolling hills

City View Of Terracotta Rooftops And Rolling Hills

golden hour over european town

Golden Hour Over European Town

column ruins with foliage

Column Ruins With Foliage

a planter lined alleyway

A Planter Lined Alleyway

european village square fountain

European Village Square Fountain

incline alley leading to chapel

Incline Alley Leading To Chapel

four people look out at fields of stone

Four People Look Out At Fields Of Stone

ornamental greek church ruins

Ornamental Greek Church Ruins

overlooking end of day in old town

Overlooking End Of Day In Old Town