Cindy Malette

A visual storyteller with an unquenchable thirst for the road less travelled and good live music.

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Cindy Malette has contributed 74 photos since August 2019

beaded wedding dress with white bouquet

Beaded Wedding Dress With White Bouquet

cash fundraiser

Cash Fundraiser

a christmas package being wrapped

A Christmas Package Being Wrapped

bananas on bamboo

Bananas On Bamboo

black friday shopping at home

Black Friday Shopping At Home

low flying gull

Low Flying Gull

black friday display

Black Friday Display

couple ready to surf

Couple Ready To Surf

black friday laptop screen

Black Friday Laptop Screen

glass jar fundraiser

Glass Jar Fundraiser

purple moon

Purple Moon

rested hands showing off rings

Rested Hands Showing Off Rings

black friday workstation

Black Friday Workstation

wrapped package and pine cones

Wrapped Package And Pine Cones

person faces the sea

Person Faces The Sea

a dog with a stick in the woods

A Dog With A Stick In The Woods

bride and groom shoes

Bride And Groom Shoes

cosmetic containers

Cosmetic Containers

pinecones and bells flatlay

Pinecones And Bells Flatlay

morning light through autumn leaves along a path

Morning Light Through Autumn Leaves Along A Path

path through bamboo forest

Path Through Bamboo Forest

successful fundraiser

Successful Fundraiser

fundraising jar

Fundraising Jar

rocky river in dense forest

Rocky River In Dense Forest

cosmetics bottles and soap

Cosmetics Bottles And Soap

red calf grazes

Red Calf Grazes

the pleasing symmetry of a fern leaf

The Pleasing Symmetry Of A Fern Leaf

mr and mrs sign on table of honor

Mr And Mrs Sign On Table Of Honor

red kite on blue ocean

Red Kite On Blue Ocean

purple flowers dangle like fairy hats

Purple Flowers Dangle Like Fairy Hats

drops of rain cling to dark green leaves

Drops Of Rain Cling To Dark Green Leaves

big frost cakes huddle around pine trees in the woods

Big Frost Cakes Huddle Around Pine Trees In The Woods

cozy coffee

Cozy Coffee

half moon at night

Half Moon At Night

fall preparations

Fall Preparations

blue lake and rocky mountains

Blue Lake And Rocky Mountains

pretty purple flowers against a woodland backdrop

Pretty Purple Flowers Against A Woodland Backdrop

pumpkin and spices

Pumpkin And Spices

busy bee on yellow flower

Busy Bee On Yellow Flower

deep red sunset on the horizon

Deep Red Sunset On The Horizon

the needles on a pine branch against a green background

The Needles On A Pine Branch Against A Green Background

birds on sand

Birds On Sand

sunset coloured petals against green leaves

Sunset Coloured Petals Against Green Leaves

cliffside house

Cliffside House

autumn leaves zig zag between trees like a trestle

Autumn Leaves Zig Zag Between Trees Like a Trestle

winding coastline on a sunny day

Winding Coastline On A Sunny Day

flowers view

Flowers View

boat bobs

Boat Bobs

spiced seasonal coffee

Spiced Seasonal Coffee

yellow-hearted daisies with crisp white petals

Yellow-Hearted Daisies With Crisp White Petals