Christina Lee Adam

My experience with photography began when I was a little girl with my very first camera, a Kodak. I would take photos of everything, all the time. As I got older, I continued to grow as an artist and I found which areas of photography I enjoyed the most (and of course, acquired better cameras). I have a strong passion for nature/outdoor, wildlife, and world/street photography. I never not have my camera with me and I’m always finding something to take a photo of. I have a keen eye and I am capable of finding the beauty in small, often overlooked things. That being said, I also have the patience to sit in nature and wait for the perfect shot of a sunset or a wild animal. Wherever life takes me, my camera comes with!

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Person In Boots Standing In Leaves And Water | View photo

Christina Lee Adam has contributed 5 photos since January 2021

person in boots standing in leaves and water

Person In Boots Standing In Leaves And Water

leaves from fall trees cover a pathway

Leaves From Fall Trees Cover A Pathway

person in boots stand on crunchy fall leaves

Person In Boots Stand On Crunchy Fall Leaves

grey and white bird stands on a wet shore

Grey And White Bird Stands On A Wet Shore

seagull stands in shallow water on the shoreline

Seagull Stands In Shallow Water On The Shoreline