Bruno Passos

Landscape and travel photographer. I get a huge buzz from capturing the essence of a landscape or a travel experience through photography.

location Ottawa, Ontario

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Bruno Passos has contributed 39 photos since September 2017

calm water in european city

Calm Water In European City

waterfall by ruins

Waterfall By Ruins

golden autumn leaves

Golden Autumn Leaves

dog running in fall leaves

Dog Running In Fall Leaves

white bridge over calm lake

White Bridge Over Calm Lake

fall leaves in fallen tree

Fall Leaves In Fallen Tree

highway through a forest

Highway Through A Forest

calm city street at night

Calm City Street At Night

urban rail yard

Urban Rail Yard

iron bridge at night

Iron Bridge At Night

sunglasses car keys

Sunglasses Car Keys

clear blue lake by forest

Clear Blue Lake By Forest

farm land & hay bails

Farm Land & Hay Bails

sun beams through forest

Sun Beams Through Forest

vintage car dashboard

Vintage Car Dashboard

classic vintage car dash

Classic Vintage Car Dash

bright blue waters and red sandy shores

Bright Blue Waters And Red Sandy Shores

tower reflected in mirrored architecture

Tower Reflected In Mirrored Architecture

sidwalk graffiti on bridge

Sidwalk Graffiti On Bridge

country cottage sunset

Country Cottage Sunset

harvested farm fields

Harvested Farm Fields

cottage country sunset

Cottage Country Sunset

sailboat at sunset

Sailboat At Sunset

boats dock from above

Boats Dock From Above

cottage country aerial

Cottage Country Aerial

honey bees on window

Honey Bees On Window

city harbor

City Harbor

canal locks at night

Canal Locks At Night

motorboat on water

Motorboat On Water

san francisco harbor

San Francisco Harbor

canoe passing shoreline

Canoe Passing Shoreline

coastal resort beach

Coastal Resort Beach

beachside yards with palms by water

Beachside Yards With Palms By Water

private beach resort by rocky shores

Private Beach Resort By Rocky Shores

aerial of hills and grass with road

Aerial of Hills And Grass With Road

grasslands and hills aerial

Grasslands And Hills Aerial

rocky coast and ocean waters

Rocky Coast And Ocean Waters

perfect beach sand and rocky coast

Perfect Beach Sand And Rocky Coast

ocean meets rocky coastline

Ocean Meets Rocky Coastline