Avelino Calvar Martinez

Just a spanish guy trying to give you good images.

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 458 photos since October 2019

stand to attention!

Stand To Attention!

what was that?

What was that?

cathedral of santiago de compostela

Cathedral Of Santiago De Compostela

setting golden sun over the marina

Setting Golden Sun Over The Marina

texture of dark waves on the shore

Texture Of Dark Waves On The Shore

grainy hand falling down

Grainy Hand Falling Down

sunrise on the pier

Sunrise On The Pier

sunset casts gradient over foaming waves on the shore

Sunset Casts Gradient Over Foaming Waves On The Shore

this dog is ready for its close up

This Dog Is Ready For Its Close Up

dark daisy

Dark Daisy

sun peaking through some mountain peaks

Sun Peaking Through Some Mountain Peaks

rocky seashore sunset

Rocky Seashore Sunset

lone rock at sunset

Lone Rock At Sunset

two reaching hands in black and white

Two Reaching Hands In Black And White

a yawing siamese cat

A Yawing Siamese Cat

open laptop and cell phone on table

Open Laptop and Cell Phone On Table

dark waves in the sea

Dark Waves In The Sea

just a drop of water

Just A Drop Of Water

mobile phone shows the word create on a white table

Mobile Phone Shows The Word Create On A White Table

a lonely mountain covered in snow

A Lonely Mountain Covered In Snow

elderly person raises their fist

Elderly Person Raises Their Fist

doggo wants to take the wheel

Doggo Wants To Take The Wheel

a barren winter landscape

A Barren Winter Landscape

a cat stares at you

A Cat Stares At You

birds fly across a sea landscape

Birds Fly Across A Sea Landscape

the cathedral hides in the mountains

The Cathedral Hides In The Mountains

prickly pear cactus plant

Prickly Pear Cactus Plant

snow covered black rocked peaks

Snow Covered Black Rocked Peaks

a motivating message on a cellphone

A Motivating Message On A Cellphone

distant city sunset

Distant City Sunset

abstract image of light leaks with purple background

Abstract Image Of Light Leaks With Purple Background

looking down at couple holding hands

Looking Down At Couple Holding Hands

black and white daisies

Black And White Daisies

sunlight streaked sea

Sunlight Streaked Sea

newly blossomed orange flowers

Newly Blossomed Orange Flowers

buried treasure?

Buried Treasure?

wind-blown tree

Wind-blown Tree

stormy sea at sunset

Stormy Sea At Sunset

pet me!

Pet Me!

spread of rounded stones

Spread Of Rounded Stones

ninja cat

Ninja Cat

relax-y cat

Relax-y Cat

red clay

Red Clay

hand holding a pinecone in the forest

Hand Holding A Pinecone In The Forest

bubble on wave

Bubble On Wave

sunlight illuminates two grasped hands from above

Sunlight Illuminates Two Grasped Hands From Above

log handrails in grassy field

Log Handrails In Grassy Field

sandy path in the evening

Sandy Path In The Evening

close up of droplets on a leaf

Close Up Of Droplets On A Leaf

waves moving through the ocean at dusk

Waves Moving Through The Ocean At Dusk