Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

tall hills and a body of water running in between them

Tall Hills And A Body Of Water Running In Between Them

small red and white lighthouse

Small Red And White Lighthouse

a green triangle and an orange triangle on paper

A Green Triangle And An Orange Triangle On Paper

photo of black and pink shapes

Photo Of Black And Pink Shapes

close up of bubbles in a pink glass

Close Up Of Bubbles In A Pink Glass

spread of rounded stones

Spread Of Rounded Stones

woman sleeps with a eye mask

Woman Sleeps With A Eye Mask

the arms of people in sweaters holding hands

The Arms Of People In Sweaters Holding Hands

couple walks together through a forest scene

Couple Walks Together Through A Forest Scene

woman in a blue shirt and glasses smiles wide

Woman In A Blue Shirt And Glasses Smiles Wide

brown eyes of a person wearing a face mask

Brown Eyes Of A Person Wearing A Face Mask

sunrise creates light rays through a forest

Sunrise Creates Light Rays Through A Forest

close up brown and black dog

Close Up Brown And Black Dog

red foiled chocolate hearts in shape of a heart

Red Foiled Chocolate Hearts In Shape Of A Heart

man sits on a rock by the water and reading his book

Man Sits On A Rock By The Water And Reading His Book

black glasses frames sit up on surface

Black Glasses Frames Sit Up On Surface

three people hold hands with their arms to the sky

Three People Hold Hands With Their Arms To The Sky

running shoes on green grass of a person stretching

Running Shoes On Green Grass of A Person Stretching

a person sleeps with a black eye mask on

A Person Sleeps With A Black Eye Mask On

couple on sits on a couch and looks into their eyes

Couple On Sits On A Couch And Looks Into Their Eyes

a rocky mountain dirt trail

A Rocky Mountain Dirt Trail

two woman walk down a pathway with buildings on each side

Two Woman Walk Down A Pathway With Buildings On Each Side

two people hands hold a map in a car

Two People Hands Hold A Map In A Car

two people smile at each other while walking down a hill

Two People Smile At Each Other While Walking Down A Hill

lighthouse at the edge of treeline

Lighthouse At The Edge Of Treeline

siamese cat nap was interrupted

Siamese Cat Nap Was Interrupted

hazy ocean views

Hazy Ocean Views

waves crash on rocky coastline

Waves Crash On Rocky Coastline

holding sunglasses by the arm on yellow background

Holding Sunglasses By The Arm On Yellow Background

woman sits by the water and holds a novel open

Woman Sits By The Water And Holds A Novel Open

sunset on the island beach

Sunset On The Island Beach

person holds a wooden toothbrush and toothpaste over a sink

Person Holds A Wooden Toothbrush And Toothpaste Over A Sink

hand grips a black microphone against red background

Hand Grips A Black Microphone Against Red Background

wooden coloring pencils fly through the air

Wooden Coloring Pencils Fly Through The Air

hands create a heart shape against a blanket

Hands Create A Heart Shape Against A Blanket

yellow and blue patterned paper background

Yellow And Blue Patterned Paper Background

rocky cliff with the ocean below

Rocky Cliff With The Ocean Below

outdoors laptop and water bottle lay on pink yoga mat

Outdoors Laptop And Water Bottle Lay On Pink Yoga Mat

close up of the pocket of lite blue jeans

Close Up of The Pocket of Lite Blue Jeans

woman smiles wide standing under a large bridge

Woman Smiles Wide Standing Under A Large Bridge

ripe pineapple sits against a blue background

Ripe Pineapple Sits Against A Blue Background

woman looks right and squints while wearing a facemask

Woman Looks Right And Squints While Wearing A Facemask

river and hills with a hand reaching outwards

River And Hills With A Hand Reaching Outwards

woman sits on a stone surface and reads a hardcover book

Woman Sits On A Stone Surface And Reads A Hardcover Book

person holds a hand out and gets someone to hold it

Person Holds A Hand Out And Gets Someone To Hold It

hands tying shoe laces on a running shoe

Hands Tying Shoe Laces On A Running Shoe

curious sheep

Curious Sheep

woman talks on her cell phone on sandy beach

Woman Talks On Her Cell Phone On Sandy Beach

two woman high fiving under blue sky

Two Woman High Fiving Under Blue Sky

a cellphone floats in the middle of orange background

A Cellphone Floats In The Middle Of Orange Background