Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

woman sits at near a laptop and looks at her phone

Woman Sits At Near A Laptop And Looks At Her Phone

half blue half green background with earrings and a ring

Half Blue Half Green Background With Earrings And A Ring

sunset over an industrial bridge

Sunset Over An Industrial Bridge

woman sits and reads a book by the rocky shore

Woman Sits And Reads A Book By The Rocky Shore

woman works on her laptop on a wooden bench outdoors

Woman Works On Her Laptop On A Wooden Bench Outdoors

tight cluster of small green plants

Tight Cluster Of Small Green Plants

two people and their dog walk a hiking trail

Two People And Their Dog Walk A Hiking Trail

feet walk into the water

Feet Walk Into The Water

hand reaching to light leaks

Hand Reaching To Light Leaks

two people look at each other and hold hands outdoors

Two People Look At Each Other And Hold Hands Outdoors

an assortment of vibrant vegetables

An Assortment Of Vibrant Vegetables

portrait of a woman outdoors wearing face mask

Portrait Of A Woman Outdoors Wearing Face Mask

following fence line to the shore

Following Fence Line To The Shore

black microphones pattern on a yellow background

Black Microphones Pattern On A Yellow Background

close up of a hiker adjusting there shoes on a big rick

Close Up Of A Hiker Adjusting There Shoes On A Big Rick

bench under a green tree

Bench Under A Green Tree

women hold hands as they walk down a path

Women Hold Hands As They Walk Down A Path

close up of green fern leaves with brown spotting

Close Up Of Green Fern Leaves With Brown Spotting

brown eyes of a person wearing a face mask

Brown Eyes Of A Person Wearing A Face Mask

yellow and red apples fill the frame

Yellow And Red Apples Fill The Frame

walking brown shetland pony

Walking Brown Shetland Pony

light leaks throught the forest canopy

Light Leaks Throught The Forest Canopy

couple shares a quiet moment facing each other

Couple Shares A Quiet Moment Facing Each Other

woman in a facemask takes a selfie with her phone

Woman In A Facemask Takes A Selfie With Her Phone

young cow stairs into the camera

Young Cow Stairs Into The Camera

woman sits cross legged smiling at their cell phone

Woman Sits Cross Legged Smiling At Their Cell Phone

small red lighthouse in the rocks

Small Red Lighthouse In The Rocks

light leaks on silky water close up

Light Leaks On Silky Water Close Up

woman in facemask next to potted plants on table

Woman In Facemask Next To Potted Plants On Table

white bowl filled with red ripe strawberries

White Bowl Filled With Red Ripe Strawberries

close up of mans face in pink and blue light

Close Up Of Mans Face In Pink And Blue Light

a woman holding a dress browses her bedroom clothing rack

A Woman Holding A Dress Browses Her Bedroom Clothing Rack

black microphone on a metal stand against deep red

Black Microphone On A Metal Stand Against Deep Red

lone tree in a green grassy field

Lone Tree In A Green Grassy Field

hands hold a tea bag and mug in front of a door

Hands Hold A Tea Bag And Mug In Front Of A Door

close up of a person holding a pink ribbon on their chest

Close Up Of A Person Holding A Pink Ribbon On Their Chest

woman sleeps with a eye mask

Woman Sleeps With A Eye Mask

single wheat sheaf against a green background

Single Wheat Sheaf Against A Green Background

the rough wavy waters of the ocean

The Rough Wavy Waters Of The Ocean

the sunsets while a fisherman casts

The Sunsets While A Fisherman Casts

woman holds a book and sits on rocks by the water

Woman Holds A Book And Sits On Rocks By The Water

sunset shows final moments of light

Sunset Shows Final Moments Of Light

landscape of a rocky shore with a hand reaching out to it

Landscape Of A Rocky Shore With A Hand Reaching Out To It

close up of wheat sheaves in field

Close Up Of Wheat Sheaves In Field

black microphone set against a pink background

Black Microphone Set Against A Pink Background

mobile phone with the words inspire on screen

Mobile Phone With The Words Inspire on Screen

person in black face mask stretches for a run

Person In Black Face Mask Stretches For A Run

man runs outdoors with a stone building behind him

Man Runs Outdoors With A Stone Building Behind Him

fuzzy top of wild foliage

Fuzzy Top Of Wild Foliage

black and white photo of hands laying on top of eachother

Black And White Photo Of Hands Laying On Top Of Eachother