Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

man looks to the left as he adjusts his glasses

Man Looks To The Left As He Adjusts His Glasses

light leaks on silky water close up

Light Leaks On Silky Water Close Up

red wine pouring into a wine glass

Red Wine Pouring Into A Wine Glass

person does a push ups outdoors in the grass

Person Does A Push Ups Outdoors In The Grass

woman sleeps with a eye mask

Woman Sleeps With A Eye Mask

bench under a green tree

Bench Under A Green Tree

sunsets in a marina full of boats

Sunsets In A Marina Full Of Boats

snow covered trail below the mountains

Snow Covered Trail Below The Mountains

two women sit together in their living room

Two Women Sit Together In Their Living Room

siamese cat wrapped in soft blue blanket looks up

Siamese Cat Wrapped In Soft Blue Blanket Looks Up

dark green leaf showing the details

Dark Green Leaf Showing The Details

two silhouettes of people fishing at sunset

Two Silhouettes Of People Fishing At Sunset

hands holds a cell phone showing the shopify logo

Hands Holds A Cell Phone Showing The Shopify Logo

person lays on grass and crunches in a situp

Person Lays On Grass And Crunches In A Situp

bowl of oats and a mug of tea on a wooden tray

Bowl Of Oats And A Mug Of Tea On A Wooden Tray

flat lay of bars of soap in green holders

Flat Lay Of Bars Of Soap In Green Holders

close up of mans face in pink and blue light

Close Up Of Mans Face In Pink And Blue Light

person looks out to a tall forest of thin trees

Person Looks Out To A Tall Forest Of Thin Trees

a single water droplet frozen in time

A Single Water Droplet Frozen In Time

clouds cascading over horizon on water

Clouds Cascading Over Horizon On Water

hand reaches toward a waterfall from between two hills

Hand Reaches Toward A Waterfall From Between Two Hills

woman brushes with an electric toothbrush in a mirror

Woman Brushes With An Electric Toothbrush In A Mirror

teal sky over calm evening waters

Teal Sky Over Calm Evening Waters

cliff edge under the sun

Cliff Edge Under The Sun

an assortment of vibrant vegetables

An Assortment Of Vibrant Vegetables

tree silhouetted against a white sky

Tree Silhouetted Against A White Sky

white dog looks through metal fence

White Dog Looks Through Metal Fence

rain drops on a bright window

Rain Drops On A Bright Window

sunset casts shadows on lighthouse

Sunset Casts Shadows On Lighthouse

dog enjoying a sunset beach walk

Dog Enjoying A Sunset Beach Walk

portrait of a woman outdoors wearing face mask

Portrait Of A Woman Outdoors Wearing Face Mask

contemplative donkey

Contemplative Donkey

lighthouse peaks over a cliff at sunset

Lighthouse Peaks Over A Cliff At Sunset

a hand holds up a white daisy

A Hand Holds Up A White Daisy

tide rolling to shore under sunset

Tide Rolling To Shore Under Sunset

a setting sun dances on the water

A Setting Sun Dances On The Water

rocky cliffs stand over sandy beach

Rocky Cliffs Stand Over Sandy Beach

hikers flock to lighthouse at sunset

Hikers Flock To Lighthouse At Sunset

close up of a person holding a pink ribbon on their chest

Close Up Of A Person Holding A Pink Ribbon On Their Chest

cliffs form shadows by the sea

Cliffs Form Shadows By The Sea

two people silhouetted by the settings sun

Two People Silhouetted By The Settings Sun

the paws of a brown fluffy cat

The Paws Of A Brown Fluffy Cat

small cabin on hill

Small Cabin On Hill

some beautiful wild daisies

Some Beautiful Wild Daisies

forest path ravaged by autumn

Forest Path Ravaged By Autumn

a slush covered lonely winter road

A Slush Covered Lonely Winter Road

the sunset colors on the water

The Sunset Colors On The Water

a single hiker taking on the mountainous terrain

A Single Hiker Taking On The Mountainous Terrain

brown and white cat dozing off

Brown And White Cat Dozing Off

sea meets sand

Sea Meets Sand