Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1321 photos since October 2019

a person in black shirt walks away from frame

A Person In Black Shirt Walks Away From Frame

forest path ravaged by autumn

Forest Path Ravaged By Autumn

two woman smile wide as they look at each other

Two Woman Smile Wide As They Look At Each Other

a single hiker taking on the mountainous terrain

A Single Hiker Taking On The Mountainous Terrain

clouds cascading over horizon on water

Clouds Cascading Over Horizon On Water

woman sleeps with a eye mask

Woman Sleeps With A Eye Mask

clouds drift over bridge on water

Clouds Drift Over Bridge On Water

tiny lighthouse beyond rocky shore

Tiny Lighthouse Beyond Rocky Shore

red foiled chocolate hearts in shape of a heart

Red Foiled Chocolate Hearts In Shape Of A Heart

rocky cliffs stand over sandy beach

Rocky Cliffs Stand Over Sandy Beach

a hand holds up a white daisy

A Hand Holds Up A White Daisy

contemplative donkey

Contemplative Donkey

person jumping on beach creating a floating illusion

Person Jumping On Beach Creating A Floating Illusion

hands create a heart shape against a blanket

Hands Create A Heart Shape Against A Blanket

bench under a green tree

Bench Under A Green Tree

the paws of a brown fluffy cat

The Paws Of A Brown Fluffy Cat

cliffs form shadows by the sea

Cliffs Form Shadows By The Sea

yellow daisies in the sun

Yellow Daisies In The Sun

flatlay of soap and dried crispy leaves

Flatlay Of Soap And Dried Crispy Leaves

hikers flock to lighthouse at sunset

Hikers Flock To Lighthouse At Sunset

orange colors of cascading ripples in water

Orange Colors Of Cascading Ripples In Water

rain drops illuminated on window

Rain Drops Illuminated On Window

a sliced bell pepper surrounded by other cooking items

A Sliced Bell Pepper Surrounded By Other Cooking Items

small crescent moon in blue sky

Small Crescent Moon In Blue Sky

the sunset colors on the water

The Sunset Colors On The Water

single wheat sheaf lays against a lit blue background

Single Wheat Sheaf Lays Against A Lit Blue Background

wild white daisy with green leaves

Wild White Daisy With Green Leaves

white flower blooming below a warm sunset

White Flower Blooming Below A Warm Sunset

woman sleeps with a facemask with sheep on it

Woman Sleeps With A Facemask With Sheep On It

woman brushes with an electric toothbrush in a mirror

Woman Brushes With An Electric Toothbrush In A Mirror

two women sit together in their living room

Two Women Sit Together In Their Living Room

sandy beach and large cliffs

Sandy Beach And Large Cliffs

brown and white cat dozing off

Brown And White Cat Dozing Off

black cat sits by the rocks

Black Cat Sits By The Rocks

couple stands by a river and take a selfie

Couple Stands By A River And Take A Selfie

building covered in green foliage

Building Covered In Green Foliage

orange light rays over boastline at sunset

Orange Light Rays Over Boastline At Sunset

woman in vibrant red reaches arms up in a stretch outdoors

Woman In Vibrant Red Reaches Arms Up In A Stretch Outdoors

a single structure on a hill

A Single Structure On A Hill

flat lay of bars of soap in green holders

Flat Lay Of Bars Of Soap In Green Holders

a person mid jump on a country road

A Person Mid Jump On A Country Road

hand holds a tea bag over a cup

Hand Holds A Tea Bag Over A Cup

running shoes on green grass of a person stretching

Running Shoes On Green Grass of A Person Stretching

close up of the pocket of lite blue jeans

Close Up of The Pocket of Lite Blue Jeans

person looks out to a tall forest of thin trees

Person Looks Out To A Tall Forest Of Thin Trees

siamese cat nap was interrupted

Siamese Cat Nap Was Interrupted

a setting sun dances on the water

A Setting Sun Dances On The Water

off the beaten path in fall season

Off The Beaten Path In Fall Season

sunbathing cat

Sunbathing Cat

a slush covered lonely winter road

A Slush Covered Lonely Winter Road