Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

a woman holding a dress browses her bedroom clothing rack

A Woman Holding A Dress Browses Her Bedroom Clothing Rack

white dog looks through metal fence

White Dog Looks Through Metal Fence

person in a floral dress stands on a beach facing the water

Person In A Floral Dress Stands On A Beach Facing The Water

water breaks over rocky shoreline

Water Breaks Over Rocky Shoreline

waves moving through the ocean at dusk

Waves Moving Through The Ocean At Dusk

mobile phone with the words inspire on screen

Mobile Phone With The Words Inspire on Screen

close up of bubbles in a pink glass

Close Up Of Bubbles In A Pink Glass

hands adjust a ring on the right ring finger

Hands Adjust A Ring On The Right Ring Finger

sunrise peaks through clouds on the shore

Sunrise Peaks Through Clouds On The Shore

two people silhouetted by the settings sun

Two People Silhouetted By The Settings Sun

siamese cat wrapped in soft blue blanket looks up

Siamese Cat Wrapped In Soft Blue Blanket Looks Up

red foiled hearts on a light blue background

Red Foiled Hearts On A Light Blue Background

flatlay of half pomegranate and other assorted fruits

Flatlay Of Half Pomegranate And Other Assorted Fruits

black cell phone in a small silver shopping cart

Black Cell Phone In A Small Silver Shopping Cart

red foiled chocolate hearts in shape of a heart

Red Foiled Chocolate Hearts In Shape Of A Heart

a person sleeps with a black eye mask on

A Person Sleeps With A Black Eye Mask On

person sits on a rock outdoors and eats pasta salad

Person Sits On A Rock Outdoors And Eats Pasta Salad

sunlight streaked sea

Sunlight Streaked Sea

person in black face mask running on dirt path

Person In Black Face Mask Running On Dirt Path

man looks to the left as he adjusts his glasses

Man Looks To The Left As He Adjusts His Glasses

leaning forward to type on a laptop from couch

Leaning Forward To Type On A Laptop From Couch

the paws of a brown fluffy cat

The Paws Of A Brown Fluffy Cat

siamese cat nap was interrupted

Siamese Cat Nap Was Interrupted

person sits on a couch typing away on laptop

Person Sits On A Couch Typing Away On Laptop

running shoes on green grass of a person stretching

Running Shoes On Green Grass of A Person Stretching

tall trees reach high against a setting sun

Tall Trees Reach High Against A Setting Sun

water glass and teapot on an outdoor wood table

Water Glass And Teapot On An Outdoor Wood Table

the sunsets and reflections on the water

The Sunsets And Reflections On The Water

two people take a selfie outdoors while wearing blue facemasks

Two People Take A Selfie Outdoors While Wearing Blue Facemasks

man looks at the camera as he adjusts his glasses

Man Looks At The Camera As He Adjusts His Glasses

sunrise creates light rays through a forest

Sunrise Creates Light Rays Through A Forest

photo of black and pink shapes

Photo Of Black And Pink Shapes

three people have fun on a beach

Three People Have Fun On A Beach

pineapple with aviator sunglasses

Pineapple With Aviator Sunglasses

two hands reach in to frame to hold a pink ribbon

Two Hands Reach In To Frame To Hold A Pink Ribbon

lighthouse at the edge of treeline

Lighthouse At The Edge Of Treeline

flat lay of bars of soap in green holders

Flat Lay Of Bars Of Soap In Green Holders

flatlay of a tablet cellphone and laptop keyboard on grey

Flatlay Of A Tablet Cellphone And Laptop Keyboard ON Grey

blue and orange tide rolls into shore

Blue And Orange Tide Rolls Into Shore

mountain top view over range

Mountain Top View Over Range

power lines under blue and pink sky

Power Lines Under Blue And Pink Sky

bowl of oats and a mug of tea on a wooden tray

Bowl Of Oats And A Mug Of Tea On A Wooden Tray

woman sits and reads a book by the rocky shore

Woman Sits And Reads A Book By The Rocky Shore

sitting on the dock at sunset

Sitting On The Dock At Sunset

man runs outdoors with a stone building behind him

Man Runs Outdoors With A Stone Building Behind Him

a quite intersection in the city

A Quite Intersection In The City

photo of waves in dark blue water

Photo Of Waves In Dark Blue Water

bench under a green tree

Bench Under A Green Tree

close up of mans face in pink and blue light

Close Up Of Mans Face In Pink And Blue Light

person on couch smiles at laptop screen

Person On Couch Smiles At Laptop Screen