Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1321 photos since October 2019

metal strainer with loose tea next to a tea towel

Metal Strainer With Loose Tea Next To A Tea Towel

rich sunset reflected on waters

Rich Sunset Reflected On Waters

red foiled chocolate hearts against a pink background

Red Foiled Chocolate Hearts Against A Pink Background

man looks at the camera as he adjusts his glasses

Man Looks At The Camera As He Adjusts His Glasses

blue and orange tide rolls into shore

Blue And Orange Tide Rolls Into Shore

single orange maple leaf in hand

Single Orange Maple Leaf In Hand

woman smiles wide sitting cross legged on yoga mat

Woman Smiles Wide Sitting Cross Legged On Yoga Mat

sunset on open water

Sunset On Open Water

cappuccino sits in coffee beans under a plant

Cappuccino Sits In Coffee Beans Under A Plant

sunset shows final moments of light

Sunset Shows Final Moments Of Light

woman smiles at golden hour into a camera

Woman Smiles At Golden Hour Into A Camera

person in red holds their arm in a stretch outdoors

Person In Red Holds Their Arm In A Stretch Outdoors

two people take a selfie outdoors while wearing blue facemasks

Two People Take A Selfie Outdoors While Wearing Blue Facemasks

mountains dominate the skyline

Mountains Dominate The Skyline

black and white waves on rocks

Black And White Waves On Rocks

a man putting on his black face mask outdoors

A Man Putting On His Black Face Mask Outdoors

man takes selfie while a woman kisses him

Man Takes Selfie While A Woman Kisses Him

close up of a daisy with yellow center

Close Up Of A Daisy With Yellow Center

peaceful boats float on the water at sunset

Peaceful Boats Float On The Water At Sunset

a quite intersection in the city

A Quite Intersection In The City

red foiled hearts on a light blue background

Red Foiled Hearts On A Light Blue Background

cat naps on white surface in the sunshine

Cat Naps On White Surface In The Sunshine

close up of wheat sheaves in field

Close Up Of Wheat Sheaves In Field

detailed fern leaves close up

Detailed Fern Leaves Close Up

hands adjust a ring on the right ring finger

Hands Adjust A Ring On The Right Ring Finger

sunrise creates light rays through a forest

Sunrise Creates Light Rays Through A Forest

woman smiles and holds a yellow weight

Woman Smiles And Holds A Yellow Weight

beacon nestled at the edge of a cliff

Beacon Nestled At The Edge Of A Cliff

walking brown shetland pony

Walking Brown Shetland Pony

hand reaching to light leaks

Hand Reaching To Light Leaks

camera looks down towards a couple laying on green grass

Camera Looks Down Towards A Couple Laying On Green Grass

a white building with beige windows

A White Building With Beige Windows

the details in the water

The Details In The Water

photo of black and pink shapes

Photo Of Black And Pink Shapes

symmetrical building in monochrome

Symmetrical Building In Monochrome

mountains and a river filled with docks

Mountains And A River Filled With Docks

sitting on the dock at sunset

Sitting On The Dock At Sunset

woman in face mask stands on a hiking trail

Woman In Face Mask Stands On A Hiking Trail

are we going for a walk?

Are We Going For A Walk?

a boat sails in search of treasure

A Boat Sails In Search Of Treasure

a pattern with a cement staircase

A Pattern With A Cement Staircase

young cow stairs into the camera

Young Cow Stairs Into The Camera

a person sleeps with a black eye mask on

A Person Sleeps With A Black Eye Mask On

person sits on a rock outdoors and eats pasta salad

Person Sits On A Rock Outdoors And Eats Pasta Salad

lone tree in a green grassy field

Lone Tree In A Green Grassy Field

abstract waters on bed of rocks

Abstract Waters On Bed Of Rocks

rock cliff view

Rock Cliff View

person on a yoga mat smiles at their cell phone

Person On A Yoga Mat Smiles At Their Cell Phone

half pink half blue background with stud earrings in a row

Half Pink Half Blue Background With Stud Earrings In A Row

close up of a fern leaf in frame

Close Up Of A Fern Leaf In Frame