Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Hands Passing A Digital Thermometer | View photo

Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

hands slice red pepper on wooden cutting board

Hands Slice Red Pepper On Wooden Cutting Board

white horses in a lush forest

White Horses In A Lush Forest

sunbeams rising through forest trees

Sunbeams Rising Through Forest Trees

woman hugs man from behind while wearing blue facemask

Woman Hugs Man From Behind While Wearing Blue Facemask

blue and pink background with earrings in a line

Blue And Pink Background With Earrings In A Line

window pattern in white building

Window Pattern In White Building

black bag with school supplies falling out of it

Black Bag With School Supplies Falling Out Of It

black and white fingers

Black And White Fingers

close up coffee bean texture

Close Up Coffee Bean Texture

red paper curves to make an abstract gradient

Red Paper Curves To Make An Abstract Gradient

a cat stares at you

A Cat Stares At You

woman in a facemask looks at her phone standing by water

Woman In A Facemask Looks At Her Phone Standing By Water

person stands on a hill top silhouetted below aqua sky

Person Stands On A Hill Top Silhouetted Below Aqua Sky

muddy trail beneath the trees

Muddy Trail Beneath The Trees

woman in a facemask takes a selfie with her phone

Woman In A Facemask Takes A Selfie With Her Phone

woman sits and reads a book by the rocky shore

Woman Sits And Reads A Book By The Rocky Shore

dog relaxes and rests his head on a sofa arm rest

Dog Relaxes And Rests His Head On A Sofa Arm Rest

woman looks at open laptop while on blue yoga mat

Woman Looks At Open Laptop While On Blue Yoga Mat

person runs if a lush green forest with a dirt pathway

Person Runs If A Lush Green Forest With A Dirt Pathway

mobile phone shows the word create on a white table

Mobile Phone Shows The Word Create On A White Table

black and white daisies

Black And White Daisies

two people stands together on a beach

Two People Stands Together On A Beach

tall trees reach high against a setting sun

Tall Trees Reach High Against A Setting Sun

metal basketball net and backboard

Metal Basketball Net And Backboard

woman sits at near a laptop and looks at her phone

Woman Sits At Near A Laptop And Looks At Her Phone

three happy people wearing sunglasses outdoors

Three Happy People Wearing Sunglasses Outdoors

just a drop of water

Just A Drop Of Water

woman in sunglasses hugs the woman in front of her

Woman In Sunglasses Hugs The Woman In Front Of Her

coffee beans in love heart shape

Coffee Beans In Love Heart Shape

person sits on steps by a beach looking at their phone

Person Sits On Steps By A Beach Looking At Their Phone

person holds the edge of a bench while stretching

Person Holds The Edge Of A Bench While Stretching

person holding their hands in jean pockets

Person Holding Their Hands In Jean Pockets

a small shopping cart with a cellphone inside it

A Small Shopping Cart With A Cellphone Inside It

women hold hands as they walk down a path

Women Hold Hands As They Walk Down A Path

ninja cat

Ninja Cat

keywhole cliff

Keywhole Cliff

black and white shoreline

Black And White Shoreline

three people with their hands up on a forest trail

Three People With Their Hands Up On A Forest Trail

cat models in sunlight

Cat Models In Sunlight

cow stands patiently for his close up

Cow Stands Patiently For His Close Up

woman rests her head on a man shoulder

Woman Rests Her Head On A Man Shoulder

person walk down a tree lined pathway

Person Walk Down A Tree Lined Pathway

yellow and red apples fill the frame

Yellow And Red Apples Fill The Frame

cell phone sits in a small shopping cart against pink

Cell Phone Sits In A Small Shopping Cart Against Pink

hands hold a cellphone with a graph on screen

Hands Hold A Cellphone With A Graph On Screen

cat reaches its face towards its smiling owner

Cat Reaches Its Face Towards Its Smiling Owner

hands hold up a potted aloe plant

Hands Hold Up A Potted Aloe Plant

person in black face mask stretches for a run

Person In Black Face Mask Stretches For A Run

cow rests their chin on a fence

Cow Rests Their Chin On A Fence

person sits on a couch typing away on laptop

Person Sits On A Couch Typing Away On Laptop