Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 682 photos since October 2019

buoy at sunset

Buoy At Sunset

man looks to the left as he adjusts his glasses

Man Looks To The Left As He Adjusts His Glasses

doggo on a beach walk

Doggo On A Beach Walk

beach at sunset in teal and orange

Beach At Sunset In Teal And Orange

two people take a selfie outdoors while wearing blue facemasks

Two People Take A Selfie Outdoors While Wearing Blue Facemasks

sunlight peeks through autumn trees

Sunlight Peeks Through Autumn Trees

snowy landscape under rock face

Snowy Landscape Under Rock Face

coffee beans in love heart shape

Coffee Beans In Love Heart Shape

tide comes in

Tide Comes In

small crescent moon in blue sky

Small Crescent Moon In Blue Sky

photo of black and pink shapes

Photo Of Black And Pink Shapes

sunrise creates light rays through a forest

Sunrise Creates Light Rays Through A Forest

abstract waters on bed of rocks

Abstract Waters On Bed Of Rocks

sunbathing cat

Sunbathing Cat

water texture of waves

Water Texture Of Waves

dog enjoying a sunset beach walk

Dog Enjoying A Sunset Beach Walk

sunset waves on the shore

Sunset Waves On The Shore

man looks at the camera as he adjusts his glasses

Man Looks At The Camera As He Adjusts His Glasses

secluded pathway within the trees

Secluded Pathway Within The Trees

daisies face the sun

Daisies Face The Sun

tiny bug on happy flower

Tiny Bug On Happy Flower

woman smiles and hugs a woman from behind

Woman Smiles And Hugs A Woman From Behind

close up of mans face in pink and blue light

Close Up Of Mans Face In Pink And Blue Light

clouds drift over bridge on water

Clouds Drift Over Bridge On Water

lighthouse and crashing waves

Lighthouse And Crashing Waves

rock cliff view

Rock Cliff View

sunset tide spilling onto rocky beach

Sunset Tide Spilling Onto Rocky Beach

cat lays down and peaks at the camera

Cat Lays Down And Peaks At The Camera

cat peeks out of a blue blanket

Cat Peeks Out Of A Blue Blanket

steps down into a lush forest

Steps Down Into A Lush Forest

droplets of water in a sink

Droplets Of Water In A Sink

old rope knotted

Old Rope Knotted

ripples in red waters

Ripples In Red Waters

striped lighthouse

Striped Lighthouse

couple lays on grassy field looking at each other and smiling

Couple Lays On Grassy Field Looking At Each Other And Smiling

clouds cascading over horizon on water

Clouds Cascading Over Horizon On Water

lens flare on shoreline rocks

Lens Flare On Shoreline Rocks

orange sunlight reflecting on water

Orange Sunlight Reflecting On Water

brown camouflage leaf

Brown Camouflage Leaf

cathedral of santiago de compostela in sun

Cathedral Of Santiago De Compostela In Sun

shards of broken ice on a lake

Shards Of Broken Ice On A Lake

woman rests her head on a man shoulder

Woman Rests Her Head On A Man Shoulder

numbers and letters on an orange background

Numbers And Letters On An Orange Background

wild white daisy with green leaves

Wild White Daisy With Green Leaves

black cat sits by the rocks

Black Cat Sits By The Rocks

woman hugs other woman from behind

Woman Hugs Other Woman From Behind

close up of a fern leaf in frame

Close Up Of A Fern Leaf In Frame

lighthouse at the edge of treeline

Lighthouse At The Edge Of Treeline

person holds their glasses in front of them

Person Holds Their Glasses In Front Of Them

close up brown and black dog

Close Up Brown And Black Dog