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Just a spanish guy trying to give you good images.

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 316 photos since October 2019

lens flare across holding hands

Lens Flare Across Holding Hands

orange sunlight reflecting on water

Orange Sunlight Reflecting On Water

overcast sky over beach path

Overcast Sky Over Beach Path

rain drops illuminated by colors on window

Rain Drops Illuminated By Colors On Window

a lonely mountain covered in snow

A Lonely Mountain Covered In Snow

orange colors of cascading ripples in water

Orange Colors Of Cascading Ripples In Water

rain drops illuminated on window

Rain Drops Illuminated On Window

black cat sits by the rocks

Black Cat Sits By The Rocks

detailed fern leaves close up

Detailed Fern Leaves Close Up

fallen leaves on forest path

Fallen Leaves On Forest Path

horse posing for the camera

Horse Posing For The Camera

shadow filled valley in the mountains

Shadow Filled Valley In The Mountains

a bright window lite room shows a home office

A Bright Window Lite Room Shows A Home Office

shards of broken ice on a lake

Shards Of Broken Ice On A Lake

a sleeping cat in the sun

A Sleeping Cat In The Sun

leafy path in the woods

Leafy Path In The Woods

snowy landscape under rock face

Snowy Landscape Under Rock Face

lighthouse and crashing waves

Lighthouse And Crashing Waves

wild dog with bright eyes

Wild Dog With Bright Eyes

blue and white waves crashing

Blue And White Waves Crashing

waves rolls over rocks at sunset

Waves Rolls Over Rocks At Sunset

sunrise over the mountains

Sunrise Over The Mountains

sunset tide spilling onto rocky beach

Sunset Tide Spilling Onto Rocky Beach

siamese cat nap was interrupted

Siamese Cat Nap Was Interrupted

sunset on the island beach

Sunset On The Island Beach

a beautiful mountain landscape in spain

A Beautiful Mountain Landscape In Spain

dog enjoying a sunset beach walk

Dog Enjoying A Sunset Beach Walk

shadowy path under trees

Shadowy Path Under Trees

snow covered trail below the mountains

Snow Covered Trail Below The Mountains

secluded pathway within the trees

Secluded Pathway Within The Trees

rushing waterfall between trees

Rushing Waterfall Between Trees

white daisy and yellow chrysanthemum flowers

White Daisy And Yellow Chrysanthemum Flowers

babbling brook through the trees

Babbling Brook Through The Trees

beach sands and the sunlight

Beach Sands And The Sunlight

close up of flowing water glistening under the sun

Close Up Of Flowing Water Glistening Under The Sun

ripples in monochrome water scene

Ripples In Monochrome Water Scene

rock faces in black and white

Rock Faces In Black And White

black and white shoreline

Black And White Shoreline

blue cloudy sky over snowy mountains

Blue Cloudy Sky Over Snowy Mountains

make a wish on this dandelion

Make A Wish On This Dandelion

sunlight peeks through autumn trees

Sunlight Peeks Through Autumn Trees

sunlight between autumn trees

Sunlight Between Autumn Trees

stone hut upon a hillside

Stone Hut Upon A Hillside

hand holding single fern leaf

Hand Holding Single Fern Leaf

close up of droplets on a leaf

Close Up Of Droplets On A Leaf

model kittens on chairs

Model Kittens On Chairs

a single hiker taking on the mountainous terrain

A Single Hiker Taking On The Mountainous Terrain

sunset splashing over rocks

Sunset Splashing Over Rocks

sun sets behind fishermen

Sun Sets Behind Fishermen

cow stands patiently for his close up

Cow Stands Patiently For His Close Up