Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

babbling brook through the trees

Babbling Brook Through The Trees

woman looks up and smiles by a large green plant

Woman Looks Up And Smiles By A Large Green Plant

woman holding pruning shears to a vine

Woman Holding Pruning Shears To A Vine

green large tree with a bench underneath

Green Large Tree With A Bench Underneath

high view of a sunset over still water

High View Of A Sunset Over Still Water

woman stands with arms out surrounded by blue sky

Woman Stands With Arms Out Surrounded By Blue Sky

woman stands with arms out taking in the mountain view

Woman Stands With Arms Out Taking In The Mountain View

contrasted skies and mountains

Contrasted Skies And Mountains

person stands at a lookout and takes in the vista

Person Stands At A Lookout And Takes In The Vista

black pepper in a small wooden bowl

Black Pepper In A Small Wooden Bowl

white blocks spell save the planet on blue background

White Blocks Spell Save The Planet On Blue Background

stone bollard in sand

Stone Bollard In Sand

round black sunglasses repeated on yellow background

Round Black Sunglasses Repeated On Yellow Background

hand grips a gardening tool to cut back a plant

Hand Grips A Gardening Tool To Cut Back A Plant

close up of small healthy green leaves

Close Up Of Small Healthy Green Leaves

A Basketball Court Outdoors

A Basketball Court Outdoors

small green plant in a white bowl

Small Green Plant In A White Bowl

ceramic bowl filled with cooked brown balls

Ceramic Bowl Filled With Cooked Brown Balls

close up of a green plant in the night

Close Up Of A Green Plant In The Night

naked trees under blue evening sky

Naked Trees Under Blue Evening Sky

close up of green leaves and foliage

Close Up Of Green Leaves And Foliage

bearded man standing behind a black microphone

Bearded Man Standing Behind A Black Microphone

spoons lined up holding loose leaf tea

Spoons Lined Up Holding Loose Leaf Tea

an arm reaches up over the blue water

An Arm Reaches Up Over The Blue Water

close up of a mans face in frame

Close Up Of A Mans Face In Frame

blue clear lake and snowy mountains

Blue Clear Lake And Snowy Mountains

man surrounded by tall green trees

Man Surrounded By Tall Green Trees

close up of a hand on a chest

Close Up Of A Hand On A Chest

hands cup to hold a small plant in dirt

Hands Cup To Hold A Small Plant In Dirt

sunrise on coastal waters

Sunrise On Coastal Waters

a sunset leaks through the trees in a forest

A Sunset Leaks Through The Trees In A Forest

pink sunglasses on a pink surface

Pink Sunglasses On A Pink Surface

sand with a metal structure in the middle

Sand With A Metal Structure In The Middle

steep cement staircase

Steep Cement Staircase

woman covering face with mask on a green pathway

Woman Covering Face With Mask On A Green Pathway

torso of person on an apartment balcony facing camera

Torso Of Person On An Apartment Balcony Facing Camera

woman in a blue face mask rests on a brown bench

Woman In A Blue Face Mask Rests On A Brown Bench

blank chalkboard sticks out of the sand at the beach

Blank Chalkboard Sticks Out Of The Sand At The Beach

daisies face the sun

Daisies Face The Sun

close up of a green leaf showing its detail

Close Up Of A Green Leaf Showing Its Detail

mountain stands at the edge of a lake

Mountain Stands At The Edge Of A Lake

wind turbine's used to create energy

Wind Turbine's Used To Create Energy

jade face roller on a white cloth

Jade Face Roller On A White Cloth

blinds and dusty window

Blinds And Dusty Window

portrait view of some netting

Portrait View Of Some Netting

white daisy closeup in dark green

White Daisy Closeup In Dark Green

hands using a tube of hand cream

Hands Using A Tube Of Hand Cream

hand reaches towards a windmill on a clear day

Hand Reaches Towards A Windmill On A Clear Day

a pony with red bridle

A Pony With Red Bridle

portrait of textured of large green leaves

Portrait Of Textured Of Large Green Leaves