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Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

lined black sunglasses on a pink surface

Lined Black Sunglasses On A Pink Surface

two people sitting on rock facing away from camera

Two People Sitting On Rock Facing Away From Camera

person stands by a still lake of blue water

Person Stands By A Still Lake Of Blue Water

friends in sweaters chat under large trees in a forest

Friends In Sweaters Chat Under Large Trees In A Forest

person holds a gardening pruner towards a lush tree

Person Holds A Gardening Pruner Towards A Lush Tree

woman in striped bathing suit takes a beach selfie

Woman In Striped Bathing Suit Takes A Beach Selfie

hand grips a gardening tool to cut back a plant

Hand Grips A Gardening Tool To Cut Back A Plant

pink sunglasses on a pink surface

Pink Sunglasses On A Pink Surface

person holds a glass bottle and carrots by their tops

Person Holds A Glass Bottle And Carrots By Their Tops

woman covering face with mask on a green pathway

Woman Covering Face With Mask On A Green Pathway

white bowl filled with slices of watermelon close up

White Bowl Filled With Slices Of Watermelon Close Up

three people jump high on a wet sandy beach

Three People Jump High On A Wet Sandy Beach

Rows Of Beach Chairs With Blue And White Fabric

Rows Of Beach Chairs With Blue And White Fabric

hand gripping a bunch of carrots

Hand Gripping A Bunch Of Carrots

two people away from camera enjoying a distant view

Two People Away From Camera Enjoying A Distant View

photo of a person sitting in a red room

Photo Of A Person Sitting In A Red Room

three friends sit outdoors while one looks at a cellphone

Three Friends Sit Outdoors While One Looks At A Cellphone

two people stands together on a beach

Two People Stands Together On A Beach

hands cup white paper that reads phone me if you need help

Hands Cup White Paper That Reads Phone Me If You Need Help

person mid air jumping into clear blue water

Person Mid Air Jumping Into Clear Blue Water

three woman in sunglasses smile wide for the camera

Three Woman In Sunglasses Smile Wide For The Camera

watermelon quarter in the palm against blue background

Watermelon Quarter In The Palm Against Blue Background

woman looks up and smiles by a large green plant

Woman Looks Up And Smiles By A Large Green Plant

person holds a sign that says ask for help

Person Holds A Sign That Says Ask For Help

person in a striped bathing suit lays on the beach

Person In A Striped Bathing Suit Lays On The Beach

three people hold hands with their arms to the sky

Three People Hold Hands With Their Arms To The Sky

flatlay of tortoise shell sunglasses on white

Flatlay Of Tortoise Shell Sunglasses On White

hand holds clear bottle of milk with a straw

Hand Holds Clear Bottle Of Milk With A Straw

a man floats on his back in clear blue water

A Man Floats On His Back In Clear Blue Water

person sits on rocks and reads a novel in white shirt

Person Sits On Rocks And Reads A Novel In White Shirt

person holding a sign that says you are not alone

Person Holding A Sign That Says You Are Not Alone

three happy people wearing sunglasses outdoors

Three Happy People Wearing Sunglasses Outdoors

person and book held in front of their face

Person And Book Held In Front Of Their Face

looking up at white windmill

Looking Up At White Windmill

woman in a swimsuit shields her eyes from the sun

Woman In A Swimsuit Shields Her Eyes From The Sun

legs of three people walking into wavy water

Legs Of Three People Walking Into Wavy Water

woman walks towards the camera on a beach

Woman Walks Towards The Camera On A Beach

tall weathered tower against a cloudy sky

Tall Weathered Tower Against A Cloudy Sky

person gets ready to water a small potted plant

Person Gets Ready To Water A Small Potted Plant

woman sits by rocks and aqua blue water

Woman Sits By Rocks And Aqua Blue Water

woman holds a stack of gifts and smiles wide

Woman Holds A Stack Of Gifts And Smiles Wide

pineapple with pink rimmed sunglasses

Pineapple With Pink Rimmed Sunglasses

woman holds a city map open in both hands and looks at it

Woman Holds A City Map Open In Both Hands And Looks At It

hand grips a chocolate dripped ice cream cone

Hand Grips A Chocolate Dripped Ice Cream Cone

wooden combs on a beige background

Wooden Combs On A Beige Background

women walk with their arms around each other

Women Walk With Their Arms Around Each Other

hands use pruning shears to trim floral tree branches

Hands Use Pruning Shears To Trim Floral Tree Branches

torso of a person in white holding their palms up

Torso Of A Person In White Holding Their Palms Up

holding pink sunglasses against black background

Holding Pink Sunglasses Against Black Background

person in a bathing suit walks towards the water

Person In A Bathing Suit Walks Towards The Water