Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

man in grey and orange softly smiles at the camera

Man In Grey And Orange Softly Smiles At The Camera

hands plant a seedling into a white bowl

Hands Plant A Seedling Into A White Bowl

the arms of people in sweaters holding hands

The Arms Of People In Sweaters Holding Hands

blackboard reads happy day against orange background

Blackboard Reads Happy Day Against Orange Background

woman in glasses smiling at friend outdoors

Woman In Glasses Smiling At Friend Outdoors

two woman outdoors with one woman smiling

Two Woman Outdoors With One Woman Smiling

milk bottles with red striped straws on a yellow surface

Milk Bottles With Red Striped Straws On A Yellow Surface

torso of person on an apartment balcony facing camera

Torso Of Person On An Apartment Balcony Facing Camera

holding sunglasses by the arm on yellow background

Holding Sunglasses By The Arm On Yellow Background

hands cup a small plant in dirt

Hands Cup A Small Plant In Dirt

pair of silver framed sunglasses on a stone surface

Pair Of Silver Framed Sunglasses On A Stone Surface

sliced watermelon and ripe cherries

Sliced Watermelon And Ripe Cherries

hands hold each other in front of distant view

Hands Hold Each Other In Front Of Distant View

hand holds a gardening trowel with the tip of it in the dirt

Hand Holds A Gardening Trowel With The Tip Of It In The Dirt

three people pile their hands up on a wooden railing

Three People Pile Their Hands Up On A Wooden Railing

watermelon against blue surface in a repeat pattern

Watermelon Against Blue Surface In A Repeat Pattern

cropped photo of a face in black and white

Cropped Photo Of A Face In Black And White

a pineapple wearing sunglasses

A Pineapple Wearing Sunglasses

miniature silver shopping cart on a black keyboard

Miniature Silver Shopping Cart On A Black Keyboard

three people running towards the ocean

Three People Running Towards The Ocean

woman sits at a wooden table and holds a book

Woman Sits At A Wooden Table And Holds A Book

arms reach into pile hands on top of each other

Arms Reach Into Pile Hands On Top Of Each Other

bottle of milk with silver lid and red striped straw

Bottle Of Milk With Silver Lid And Red Striped Straw

person in a straw hat faces toward a blue sky

Person In A Straw Hat Faces Toward A Blue Sky

flatlay of gardening tools on dark grey

Flatlay Of Gardening Tools On Dark Grey

black and white photo of a man yelling

Black And White Photo Of A Man Yelling

hand holds a glass bottle of milk

Hand Holds A Glass Bottle Of Milk

three people laughing under a tree in a forest

Three People Laughing Under A Tree In A Forest

red and white hearts scattered on pink surface

Red And White Hearts Scattered On Pink Surface

two people sitting on rock facing away from camera

Two People Sitting On Rock Facing Away From Camera

person holds a bowl of cherries out in front of them

Person Holds A Bowl Of Cherries Out In Front Of Them

resting hands on top of someone elses hands

Resting Hands On Top Of Someone Elses Hands

woman in straw hat on a wooden log reading a book

Woman In Straw Hat On A Wooden Log Reading A Book

hands hold up a slice of watermelon against yellow

Hands Hold Up A Slice Of Watermelon Against Yellow

person stands by a still lake of blue water

Person Stands By A Still Lake Of Blue Water

lined black sunglasses on a pink surface

Lined Black Sunglasses On A Pink Surface

three people with their hands up on a forest trail

Three People With Their Hands Up On A Forest Trail

two woman high fiving under blue sky

Two Woman High Fiving Under Blue Sky

woman talks on her cell phone on sandy beach

Woman Talks On Her Cell Phone On Sandy Beach

person holds a glass bottle and carrots by their tops

Person Holds A Glass Bottle And Carrots By Their Tops

person smiles while laying back on the beach

Person Smiles While Laying Back On The Beach

three peoples legs standing on a wet beach

Three Peoples Legs Standing On A Wet Beach

photo of a person sitting in a red room

Photo Of A Person Sitting In A Red Room

three pairs of sunglasses lay on a pink background

Three Pairs Of Sunglasses Lay On A Pink Background

three people look at a cellphone while together outdoors

Three People Look At A Cellphone While Together Outdoors

person in one piece swimsuit smiles at the camera

Person In One Piece Swimsuit Smiles At The Camera

pruning shears cut a branch with yellow flowers

Pruning Shears Cut A Branch With Yellow Flowers

chalkboard sits in green and brown ferns and reads relax

Chalkboard Sits In Green And Brown Ferns And Reads Relax

person holds a sign with message ask for help

Person Holds A Sign With Message Ask For Help

hand grips a gardening tool to cut back a plant

Hand Grips A Gardening Tool To Cut Back A Plant