Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

person tilts a box full of vegetables towards the camera

Person Tilts A Box Full Of Vegetables Towards The Camera

black chalkboard sticking out of a white sandy beach

Black Chalkboard Sticking Out Of A White Sandy Beach

person in orange sits on dock

Person In Orange Sits On Dock

close up of green leafs

Close Up Of Green Leafs

rock faces in black and white

Rock Faces In Black And White

top view of a tea towel and container holding grain

Top View Of A Tea Towel And Container Holding Grain

person stands on a bridge with one hand on each railing

Person Stands On A Bridge With One Hand On Each Railing

view over a persons shoulder as they slice red peppers

View Over A Persons Shoulder As They Slice Red Peppers

deep blue sky over lighthouse

Deep Blue Sky Over Lighthouse

pruning shears cut a branch with yellow flowers

Pruning Shears Cut A Branch With Yellow Flowers

pineapple with pink rimmed sunglasses

Pineapple With Pink Rimmed Sunglasses

cow parsley plant in the wild

Cow Parsley Plant In The Wild

lush forest on a foggy day

Lush Forest On A Foggy Day

overcast sky over beach path

Overcast Sky Over Beach Path

ferns are lit by the setting sun

Ferns Are Lit By The Setting Sun

aerial photo of a building sitting within a dense forest

Aerial Photo Of A Building Sitting Within A Dense Forest

buoy at sunset

Buoy At Sunset

woman standing in from of a large rocky hill

Woman Standing In From Of A Large Rocky Hill

person walks down stone steps into boat filled water

Person Walks Down Stone Steps Into Boat Filled Water

blank chalkboard sits in green ivy

Blank Chalkboard Sits In Green Ivy

lifeguard stands on sandy beach

Lifeguard Stands On Sandy Beach

person stands with their head down in tall grass

Person Stands With Their Head Down In Tall Grass

a back of a person looking up in a forest

A Back Of A Person Looking Up In A Forest

rocky coast line meets ocean waves

Rocky Coast Line Meets Ocean Waves

shadow filled valley in the mountains

Shadow Filled Valley In The Mountains

stone hut upon a hillside

Stone Hut Upon A Hillside

hands hold up a slice of watermelon against yellow

Hands Hold Up A Slice Of Watermelon Against Yellow

wooden toothbrushes lay on a vibrant orange background

Wooden Toothbrushes Lay On A Vibrant Orange Background

a bunch of freshly bloomed daisies

A Bunch Of Freshly Bloomed Daisies

person in a warm jacket looks out to the ocean

Person In A Warm Jacket Looks Out To The Ocean

stone bollard in sand

Stone Bollard In Sand

white digital thermometer lays on bright background

White Digital Thermometer Lays On Bright Background

person with their arms crossed and wearing a facemask

Person With Their Arms Crossed And Wearing A Facemask

white horse grazing in a lush green field

White Horse Grazing In A Lush Green Field

person holds a gardening pruner towards a lush tree

Person Holds A Gardening Pruner Towards A Lush Tree

top view of a teapot against a grey background

Top View Of A Teapot Against A Grey Background

lined black sunglasses on a pink surface

Lined Black Sunglasses On A Pink Surface

portrait of a woman smiling while standing in a forest

Portrait Of A Woman Smiling While Standing In A Forest

green teapot against a light pink backdrop

Green Teapot Against A Light Pink Backdrop

close up of horse eating in farmers field

Close Up Of Horse Eating In Farmers Field

ripples in the murky water

Ripples In The Murky Water

watermelon slices fanned out on a white plate

Watermelon Slices Fanned Out On A White Plate

bubbles on the water

Bubbles On The Water

person holds up map while standing on a city street

Person Holds Up Map While Standing On A City Street

a lighthouse sits on top of a sharp mountain ridge

A Lighthouse Sits On Top Of A Sharp Mountain Ridge

person pours tea into glass outdoors

Person Pours Tea Into Glass Outdoors

two people walk among tall white windmills

Two People Walk Among Tall White Windmills

hand holding a red apple with water droplets

Hand Holding A Red Apple With Water Droplets

gardening tools leaning against a pile of wooden sticks

Gardening Tools Leaning Against A Pile Of Wooden Sticks

person in a straw hat faces toward a blue sky

Person In A Straw Hat Faces Toward A Blue Sky