Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

three cows stands on green grass

Three Cows Stands On Green Grass

man in a grey sweater looks into the camera

Man In A Grey Sweater Looks Into The Camera

chalkboard sits in green and brown ferns and reads relax

Chalkboard Sits In Green And Brown Ferns And Reads Relax

black and white mountains viewed from below

Black And White Mountains Viewed From Below

close up of flowing water glistening under the sun

Close Up Of Flowing Water Glistening Under The Sun

legs standing on a pink yoga mat outdoors

Legs Standing On A Pink Yoga Mat Outdoors

close up of green leafs

Close Up Of Green Leafs

photo of a person sitting in a red room

Photo Of A Person Sitting In A Red Room

four arms reach up in a cheers

Four Arms Reach Up In A Cheers

industrial structures dominate the sky

Industrial Structures Dominate The Sky

snowy landscape under rock face

Snowy Landscape Under Rock Face

woman sits by a wood cabin and looks at her phone

Woman Sits By A Wood Cabin And Looks At Her Phone

a reflection of a person brushing their teeth

A Reflection Of A Person Brushing Their Teeth

stone arched hallway to courtyard

Stone Arched Hallway To Courtyard

yellow chrysanthemums flowers on a warm day

Yellow Chrysanthemums Flowers On A Warm Day

two people sitting on rock facing away from camera

Two People Sitting On Rock Facing Away From Camera

moody close up of mans face looking down

Moody Close Up Of Mans Face Looking Down

a single structure on a hill

A Single Structure On A Hill

green watering can pours water in garden

Green Watering Can Pours Water In Garden

a close up view of a fern outdoors

A Close Up View Of A Fern Outdoors

snowy lake with a mountian view

Snowy Lake With A Mountian View

waves rolls over rocks at sunset

Waves Rolls Over Rocks At Sunset

yellow flower asks for attention

Yellow Flower Asks For Attention

green grass and a grazing horse

Green Grass And A Grazing Horse

hand holding single fern leaf

Hand Holding Single Fern Leaf

person holds up map while standing on a city street

Person Holds Up Map While Standing On A City Street

black chalkboard sticking out of a white sandy beach

Black Chalkboard Sticking Out Of A White Sandy Beach

lined black sunglasses on a pink surface

Lined Black Sunglasses On A Pink Surface

woman in glasses smiling at friend outdoors

Woman In Glasses Smiling At Friend Outdoors

persons torso and jeans standing on a balcony

Persons Torso And Jeans Standing On A Balcony

woman sleeping with a mask covering her eyes

Woman Sleeping With A Mask Covering Her Eyes

torso of a person in white holding their palms up

Torso Of A Person In White Holding Their Palms Up

yellow daisies in the sun

Yellow Daisies In The Sun

picture of a woman smiling and taking in the view outdoors

Picture Of A Woman Smiling And Taking In The View Outdoors

a back of a person looking up in a forest

A Back Of A Person Looking Up In A Forest

person standing by a window with their hand to their head

Person Standing By A Window With Their Hand To Their Head

person looks up while standing in a forest

Person Looks Up While Standing In A Forest

person walks down stone steps into boat filled water

Person Walks Down Stone Steps Into Boat Filled Water

black flag with yellow stars from below

Black Flag With Yellow Stars From Below

a splash of water ripples outward

A Splash Of Water Ripples Outward

person in orange sits on dock

Person In Orange Sits On Dock

seaweed washes ashore on the beach

Seaweed Washes Ashore On The Beach

old friends hold hands

Old Friends Hold Hands

tiny bug on happy flower

Tiny Bug On Happy Flower

torso of a person sitting on a rainbow painted bench

Torso Of A Person Sitting On A Rainbow Painted Bench

two hands holding two forks

Two Hands Holding Two Forks

leafy path in the woods

Leafy Path In The Woods

hands lathered in hand cream against beige background

Hands Lathered In Hand Cream Against Beige Background

overcast sky over beach path

Overcast Sky Over Beach Path

droplets of water in a sink

Droplets Of Water In A Sink