Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Hands Passing A Digital Thermometer | View photo

Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

cat sits on a chair in the sun

Cat Sits On A Chair In The Sun

hand holds a gardening trowel with the tip of it in the dirt

Hand Holds A Gardening Trowel With The Tip Of It In The Dirt

crystal clear water on the beach

Crystal Clear Water On The Beach

sandy path in the evening

Sandy Path In The Evening

back of a person looking out to the choppy ocean

Back Of A Person Looking Out To The Choppy Ocean

person holds a gardening pruner towards a lush tree

Person Holds A Gardening Pruner Towards A Lush Tree

building covered in green foliage

Building Covered In Green Foliage

horse posing for the camera

Horse Posing For The Camera

hand and a glass jar of hand cream

Hand And A Glass Jar Of Hand Cream

woman laughs while outdoors in a forest

Woman Laughs While Outdoors In A Forest

a single water droplet frozen in time

A Single Water Droplet Frozen In Time

old rope knotted

Old Rope Knotted

walking away from camera carrying a yoga mat

Walking Away From Camera Carrying A Yoga Mat

shards of broken ice on a lake

Shards Of Broken Ice On A Lake

view over a persons shoulder as they slice red peppers

View Over A Persons Shoulder As They Slice Red Peppers

an assortment of gardening tools on green grass

An Assortment Of Gardening Tools On Green Grass

seawater on cement platform

Seawater On Cement Platform

person in a straw hat faces toward a blue sky

Person In A Straw Hat Faces Toward A Blue Sky

aerial view of a green forest

Aerial View Of A Green Forest

person with long hair silhouetted at sunset by the water

Person With Long Hair Silhouetted At Sunset By The Water

calm water laps the shoreline

Calm Water Laps The Shoreline

red and yellow apples covered with water droplets

Red And Yellow Apples Covered With Water Droplets

striped lighthouse

Striped Lighthouse

teal sky over calm evening waters

Teal Sky Over Calm Evening Waters

a stack of hardcover books outdoors with glasses

A Stack Of Hardcover Books Outdoors With Glasses

watermelon slices fanned out on a white plate

Watermelon Slices Fanned Out On A White Plate

blank chalkboard sits in green ivy

Blank Chalkboard Sits In Green Ivy

woman sits by a wood cabin and looks at her phone

Woman Sits By A Wood Cabin And Looks At Her Phone

photo of a person holding a large colorful map

Photo Of A Person Holding A Large Colorful Map

person looks up in a forest of brown tree trunks

Person Looks Up In A Forest Of Brown Tree Trunks

golden dog in the shade

Golden Dog In The Shade

hand holds a book up with lined paper and and written text

Hand Holds A Book Up With Lined Paper And And Written Text

rock mountains sunny glow

Rock Mountains Sunny Glow

man surrounded by tall green trees

Man Surrounded By Tall Green Trees

gardening tools leaning against a pile of wooden sticks

Gardening Tools Leaning Against A Pile Of Wooden Sticks

white digital thermometer lays on bright background

White Digital Thermometer Lays On Bright Background

silhouette of a person below crescent moon

Silhouette Of A Person Below Crescent Moon

woman looks out a window to the view below

Woman Looks Out A Window To The View Below

a fence that seems to never end

A Fence That Seems To Never End

green teapot against a light pink backdrop

Green Teapot Against A Light Pink Backdrop

bright red watermelon slices on pink background

Bright Red Watermelon Slices On Pink Background

three pairs of summer shoes and a beach bag on the beach

Three Pairs Of Summer Shoes And A Beach Bag On The Beach

person in white reaches towards the camera

Person In White Reaches Towards The Camera

watermelon against blue surface in a repeat pattern

Watermelon Against Blue Surface In A Repeat Pattern

top view of a teapot against a grey background

Top View Of A Teapot Against A Grey Background

orange hanging from orange tree

Orange Hanging From Orange Tree

black and white snowy capped mountains

Black And White Snowy Capped Mountains

black boots and legs on a sandy beach at sunset

Black Boots And Legs On A Sandy Beach At Sunset

three people stand in shade and smile

Three People Stand In Shade And Smile

wooden toothbrushes lay on a vibrant orange background

Wooden Toothbrushes Lay On A Vibrant Orange Background