Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

a pattern with a cement staircase

A Pattern With A Cement Staircase

person stands with their head down in tall grass

Person Stands With Their Head Down In Tall Grass

blank wood frame chalkboard hangs on a blue wall

Blank Wood Frame Chalkboard Hangs On A Blue Wall

woman sits in a forest and looks up smiling

Woman Sits In A Forest And Looks Up Smiling

hands cup wooden blocks spelling the words mental health

Hands Cup Wooden Blocks Spelling The Words Mental Health

sunrise over the mountains

Sunrise Over The Mountains

lens flare on shoreline rocks

Lens Flare On Shoreline Rocks

back of a person looking out to the choppy ocean

Back Of A Person Looking Out To The Choppy Ocean

two wooden toothbrushes in a wooden cup

Two Wooden Toothbrushes In A Wooden Cup

hands hold pasta salad and a fork by a waterfall outdoors

Hands Hold Pasta Salad And A Fork By A Waterfall Outdoors

jade face roller flatlay surrounded by dried leaves

Jade Face Roller Flatlay Surrounded By Dried Leaves

small white bowl filled with ripe cherries

Small White Bowl Filled With Ripe Cherries

a slush covered lonely winter road

A Slush Covered Lonely Winter Road

following fence line to the shore

Following Fence Line To The Shore

small green plant in a white bowl

Small Green Plant In A White Bowl

woman holds her cellphone out to take a picture outdoors

Woman Holds Her Cellphone Out To Take A Picture Outdoors

waves rolls over rocks at sunset

Waves Rolls Over Rocks At Sunset

log handrails in grassy field

Log Handrails In Grassy Field

black tilted microphone and a computer keyboard

Black Tilted Microphone And A Computer Keyboard

sliced watermelon fanned out on a white plate

Sliced Watermelon Fanned Out On A White Plate

person holds a facemask out in front of them

Person Holds A Facemask Out In Front Of Them

hands cup ripe red strawberries on black background

Hands Cup Ripe Red Strawberries On Black Background

a single hiker taking on the mountainous terrain

A Single Hiker Taking On The Mountainous Terrain

young cow stairs into the camera

Young Cow Stairs Into The Camera

Holding Pair Of Chopsticks Over Bowl Of Rice

Holding Pair Of Chopsticks Over Bowl Of Rice

hands hold each other in front of distant view

Hands Hold Each Other In Front Of Distant View

flatlay of two bars of white soap and dried leaves

Flatlay Of Two Bars Of White Soap And Dried Leaves

cappuccino sits in coffee beans under a plant

Cappuccino Sits In Coffee Beans Under A Plant

Man In Green Looks At His Cell Phone

Man In Green Looks At His Cell Phone

lighthouse towers over trees

Lighthouse Towers Over Trees

horses seen through farm fence

Horses Seen Through Farm Fence

person in a white apron cups a tomatoes

Person In A White Apron Cups A Tomatoes

person in a red raincoat walks down a lush pathway

Person In A Red Raincoat Walks Down A Lush Pathway

black and white wooden toothbrushes in a glass cup

Black And White Wooden Toothbrushes In A Glass Cup

colored pencils scattered on pink and blue balls

Colored Pencils Scattered On Pink And Blue Balls

a castle up on a gloomy hill

A Castle Up On A Gloomy Hill

hand holds a gardening trowel with the tip of it in the dirt

Hand Holds A Gardening Trowel With The Tip Of It In The Dirt

wooden colored pencils scattered on pink and blue balls

Wooden Colored Pencils Scattered On Pink And Blue Balls

one hand lathers the other with hand lotion

One Hand Lathers The Other With Hand Lotion

man holds a phone and a stack of white paper

Man Holds A Phone And A Stack Of White Paper

orange hanging from orange tree

Orange Hanging From Orange Tree

beach sands and the sunlight

Beach Sands And The Sunlight

person stands on look out at a hazy mountain view

Person Stands On Look Out At A Hazy Mountain View

person in grey sweater holds a book open turning the page

Person In Grey Sweater Holds A Book Open Turning The Page

close up of black cat portrait

Close Up Of Black Cat Portrait

man in deep concentration looks down at a laptop

Man In Deep Concentration Looks Down At A Laptop

black cat sits by the rocks

Black Cat Sits By The Rocks

cathedral of santiago de compostela in sun

Cathedral Of Santiago De Compostela In Sun

white wooden beads spell out stay well

White Wooden Beads Spell Out Stay Well

flatlay of fruit and vegetables on a wooden cutting board

Flatlay Of Fruit And Vegetables On A Wooden Cutting Board