Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

hand holds a knife ready to chop a zucchini

Hand Holds A Knife Ready To Chop A Zucchini

person reads their novel sitting on a sandy beach

Person Reads Their Novel Sitting On A Sandy Beach

pink sunglasses sit in the middle of the frame

Pink Sunglasses Sit In The Middle Of The Frame

man in deep concentration looks down at a laptop

Man In Deep Concentration Looks Down At A Laptop

woman walks down a flat wooden boardwalk

Woman Walks Down A Flat Wooden Boardwalk

cows stand on grass looking down towards the camera

Cows Stand On Grass Looking Down Towards The Camera

person silhouetted by warm light of the setting sun

Person Silhouetted By Warm Light Of The Setting Sun

single crisp red apple with water droplet on it

Single Crisp Red Apple With Water Droplet On It

new fern leaves opening up

New Fern Leaves Opening Up

sign says online is better with a small shopping cart

Sign Says Online Is Better With A Small Shopping Cart

ripe pineapple sits against a blue background

Ripe Pineapple Sits Against A Blue Background

macro photo of bubbles on a sandy beach

Macro Photo Of Bubbles On A Sandy Beach

person stands with their head down in tall grass

Person Stands With Their Head Down In Tall Grass

a pony with red bridle

A Pony With Red Bridle

the top corner of a pineapple against pink

The Top Corner Of A Pineapple Against Pink

hand holding on to a black fence

Hand Holding On To A Black Fence

person looks up while standing in a forest

Person Looks Up While Standing In A Forest

cows stand in their pasture and look at the camera

Cows Stand In Their Pasture And Look At The Camera

woman stands in front of a green house and smiles

Woman Stands In Front Of A Green House And Smiles

tall modern windmill against a blue sky with fluffy clouds

Tall Modern Windmill Against A Blue Sky With Fluffy Clouds

man sits in front of a black microphone and his laptop

Man Sits In Front Of A Black Microphone And His Laptop

close up of white onions and red peppers cooking in a pan

Close Up Of White Onions And Red Peppers Cooking In A Pan

cranes reaching on a clear day

Cranes Reaching On A Clear Day

woman in sunglasses leans on a wooden fence

Woman In Sunglasses Leans On A Wooden Fence

wooden beads float and spell out enjoy

Wooden Beads Float And Spell Out Enjoy

close up of a white onion being chopped

Close Up Of A White Onion Being Chopped

woman carries a bag and walks down towards the water

Woman Carries A Bag And Walks Down Towards The Water

hands holding each other above blue clear water

Hands Holding Each Other Above Blue Clear Water

person reaches a helping hand towards the camera

Person Reaches A Helping Hand Towards The Camera

person with their arms crossed and wearing a facemask

Person With Their Arms Crossed And Wearing A Facemask

top view of white onions being saved in a frying pan

Top View Of White Onions Being Saved In A Frying Pan

hands cup a bowl with a plant in it

Hands Cup A Bowl With A Plant In It

person stands on sandy beach looking out to the water

Person Stands On Sandy Beach Looking Out To The Water

persons torso facing wavy blue water

Persons Torso Facing Wavy Blue Water

close up of person in plaid looking down

Close Up Of Person In Plaid Looking Down

flatlay of sliced watermelon  a knife and cherries

Flatlay Of Sliced Watermelon A Knife And Cherries

green potted plant in the middle frame

Green Potted Plant In The Middle Frame

person sitting with large cardboard boxes

Person Sitting With Large Cardboard Boxes

woman sits outdoors on a pink yoga mat

Woman Sits Outdoors On A Pink Yoga Mat

close up of waves and bubbles on the shore at sunset

Close Up Of Waves And Bubbles On The Shore At Sunset

a lighthouse sits on top of a sharp mountain ridge

A Lighthouse Sits On Top Of A Sharp Mountain Ridge

white blocks laying in colorful dots spells out smile

White Blocks Laying In Colorful Dots Spells Out Smile

man holds a phone and a stack of white paper

Man Holds A Phone And A Stack Of White Paper

persons torso standing on a bridge above water

Persons Torso Standing On A Bridge ABove Water

persons legs sitting on a pink yoga mat outdoors

Persons Legs Sitting On A Pink Yoga Mat Outdoors

spoons lined up holding loose leaf tea

Spoons Lined Up Holding Loose Leaf Tea

black chalkboard sticking out of a white sandy beach

Black Chalkboard Sticking Out Of A White Sandy Beach

person in a floral dress holds a large book open

Person In A Floral Dress Holds A Large Book Open

wooden table with a book and drinks

Wooden Table With A Book And Drinks

person reads a novel on the sandy beach by a tree

Person Reads A Novel On The Sandy Beach By A Tree