Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

setting golden sun over the marina

Setting Golden Sun Over The Marina

flatlay of jade face roller laying on a grey stone

Flatlay Of Jade Face Roller Laying On A Grey Stone

woman hugs man while wearing blue facemask

Woman Hugs Man While Wearing Blue Facemask

four black microphones lay on a pink background

Four Black Microphones Lay On A Pink Background

woman tilts her head back and smiles outdoors

Woman Tilts Her Head Back And Smiles Outdoors

women smiles holding mug sitting behind a laptop

Women Smiles Holding Mug Sitting Behind A Laptop

wet orange and white paint filling frame

Wet Orange And White Paint Filling Frame

person holds themselves parallel to a blue yoga mat

Person Holds Themselves Parallel To A Blue Yoga Mat

sunset casts gradient over foaming waves on the shore

Sunset Casts Gradient Over Foaming Waves On The Shore

a beautiful mountain landscape in spain

A Beautiful Mountain Landscape In Spain

sitting behind a wicker beach bag on rockys by the beach

Sitting Behind A Wicker Beach Bag On Rockys By The Beach

rain drops illuminated by colors on window

Rain Drops Illuminated By Colors On Window

birds fly across a sea landscape

Birds Fly Across A Sea Landscape

person in red holds their arm in a stretch outdoors

Person In Red Holds Their Arm In A Stretch Outdoors

woman works on her laptop outdoors in green lawn chair

Woman Works On Her Laptop Outdoors In Green Lawn Chair

woman eats an apple outdoors and laughs

Woman Eats An Apple Outdoors And Laughs

lone rock at sunset

Lone Rock At Sunset

newly blossomed orange flowers

Newly Blossomed Orange Flowers

woman standing in front of a metal fence

Woman Standing In Front Of A Metal Fence

birds flying up to snowy mountain top

Birds Flying Up To Snowy Mountain Top

woman sits in a yoga pose in their living room

Woman Sits In A Yoga Pose In Their Living Room

woman smiles wide standing in front of a fence

Woman Smiles Wide Standing In Front Of A Fence

sun peaking through some mountain peaks

Sun Peaking Through Some Mountain Peaks

couple hug and shares a happy moment

Couple Hug And Shares A Happy Moment

hand lays on laptop keys

Hand Lays On Laptop Keys

a pocket watch laying on a black and orange background

A Pocket Watch Laying On A Black And Orange Background

dark daisy

Dark Daisy

two people sat in a car take a selfie together

Two People Sat In A Car Take A Selfie Together

sign says online is better with a small shopping cart

Sign Says Online Is Better With A Small Shopping Cart

a motivating message on a cellphone

A Motivating Message On A Cellphone

hands hold up a pink yoga mat outdoors

Hands Hold Up A Pink Yoga Mat Outdoors

colored pencils piled up on a black background

Colored Pencils Piled Up On A Black Background

texture of dark waves on the shore

Texture Of Dark Waves On The Shore

water texture of waves

Water Texture Of Waves

open laptop on a wooden desk under window

Open Laptop On A Wooden Desk Under Window

house plants in a metallic basket

House Plants In A Metallic Basket

white onions being saved in a frying pan

White Onions Being Saved In A Frying Pan

two people in a car looking back and smiling

Two People In A Car Looking Back And Smiling

two women look out into the distance together

Two Women Look Out Into The Distance Together

colorful background with gold jewelry displayed on it

Colorful Background With Gold Jewelry Displayed On It

blue and green background with silver jewelry

Blue And Green Background With Silver Jewelry

a barren winter landscape

A Barren Winter Landscape

blue cloudy sky over snowy mountains

Blue Cloudy Sky Over Snowy Mountains

woman in vibrant red reaches arms up in a stretch outdoors

Woman In Vibrant Red Reaches Arms Up In A Stretch Outdoors

tall lighthouse on sharp rocky shoreline against blue water

Tall Lighthouse On Sharp Rocky Shoreline Against Blue Water

small white flowers in a bunch

Small White Flowers In A Bunch

close up of some running shoes

Close Up Of Some Running Shoes

dog relaxes and rests his head on a sofa arm rest

Dog Relaxes And Rests His Head On A Sofa Arm Rest

sun sets behind fishermen

Sun Sets Behind Fishermen

mobile phone shows the word create on a white table

Mobile Phone Shows The Word Create On A White Table