Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

man holds a phone and a stack of white paper

Man Holds A Phone And A Stack Of White Paper

flatlay of wooden toothbrushes laying bristles up on blue

Flatlay Of Wooden Toothbrushes Laying Bristles Up On Blue

white coffee cup and coffee beans

White Coffee Cup And Coffee Beans

three people jump high on a wet sandy beach

Three People Jump High On A Wet Sandy Beach

large white industrial building with tall white cylinders

Large White Industrial Building With Tall White Cylinders

two people run down a paved road towards a lighthouse

Two People Run Down A Paved Road Towards A Lighthouse

persons torso facing wavy blue water

Persons Torso Facing Wavy Blue Water

lighthouse peaks over a cliff at sunset

Lighthouse Peaks Over A Cliff At Sunset

contemplative donkey

Contemplative Donkey

person stands on a hill top silhouetted below aqua sky

Person Stands On A Hill Top Silhouetted Below Aqua Sky

hand holds chopsticks over a bowl of rice

Hand Holds Chopsticks Over A Bowl Of Rice

hand grips a chocolate dripped ice cream cone

Hand Grips A Chocolate Dripped Ice Cream Cone

winding paved road with a lighthouse in the distance

Winding Paved Road With A Lighthouse In The Distance

a close up view of a fern outdoors

A Close Up View Of A Fern Outdoors

tiny boats navigate choppy waters

Tiny Boats Navigate Choppy Waters

three people hold hands with their arms to the sky

Three People Hold Hands With Their Arms To The Sky

hill top view of two boats

Hill Top View Of Two Boats

person in a straw hat walks on a bright sandy beach

Person In A Straw Hat Walks On A Bright Sandy Beach

person in grey sweater holds a book open turning the page

Person In Grey Sweater Holds A Book Open Turning The Page

green hill side with windmills by blue water

Green Hill Side With Windmills By Blue Water

two women sit together enjoying the outdoors

Two Women Sit Together Enjoying The Outdoors

woman walks down a flat wooden boardwalk

Woman Walks Down A Flat Wooden Boardwalk

picturesque tide rolling below a sunset

Picturesque Tide Rolling Below A Sunset

person in a floral dress holds a large book open

Person In A Floral Dress Holds A Large Book Open

woman in glasses on the phone while looking out a window

Woman In Glasses On The Phone While Looking Out A Window

person holding a sign that says you are not alone

Person Holding A Sign That Says You Are Not Alone

a hand reaches for black sunglasses sitting on a case

A Hand Reaches For Black Sunglasses Sitting On A Case

person running through a forest down a narrow path

Person Running Through A Forest Down A Narrow Path

woman leans out a window and takes in the view below

Woman Leans Out A Window And Takes In The View Below

woman looks at the camera and stands in a yoga pose

Woman Looks At The Camera And Stands In A Yoga Pose

make a wish on this dandelion

Make A Wish On This Dandelion

two people away from camera enjoying a distant view

Two People Away From Camera Enjoying A Distant View

sitting crossed legged on a bed with a laptop in front

Sitting Crossed Legged On A Bed With A Laptop In Front

hand holds a gold spoon over a mug filled with foamy milk

Hand Holds A Gold Spoon Over A Mug Filled With Foamy Milk

sunsets over the wavy water

Sunsets Over The Wavy Water

close up orange tide rolls into shore

Close Up Orange Tide Rolls Into Shore

woman holds a stack of gifts and smiles wide

Woman Holds A Stack Of Gifts And Smiles Wide

wicker beach bag and sandals on a white sandy beach

Wicker Beach Bag And Sandals On A White Sandy Beach

woman walks outdoors during summer holding a beach bag

Woman Walks Outdoors During Summer Holding A Beach Bag

two wooden toothbrushes in a wooden cup

Two Wooden Toothbrushes In A Wooden Cup

closeup of a young green fern

Closeup Of A Young Green Fern

hands cup ripe red strawberries on black background

Hands Cup Ripe Red Strawberries On Black Background

tall modern windmill against a blue sky with fluffy clouds

Tall Modern Windmill Against A Blue Sky With Fluffy Clouds

blank wood frame chalkboard hangs on a blue wall

Blank Wood Frame Chalkboard Hangs On A Blue Wall

rain drops illuminated on window

Rain Drops Illuminated On Window

person in a striped bathing suit lays on the beach

Person In A Striped Bathing Suit Lays On The Beach

two people holds their hands above their heads

Two People Holds Their Hands Above Their Heads

person in red work out wear holds a yoga mat

Person In Red Work Out Wear Holds A Yoga Mat

black tilted microphone and a computer keyboard

Black Tilted Microphone And A Computer Keyboard

white horse having a snack

White Horse Having A Snack