Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Hands Passing A Digital Thermometer | View photo

Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

single wheat sheaf against a green background

Single Wheat Sheaf Against A Green Background

black and white photo of hands laying on top of eachother

Black And White Photo Of Hands Laying On Top Of Eachother

Man In Green Looks At His Cell Phone

Man In Green Looks At His Cell Phone

People Take A Selfie To Show View Of The Bridge

People Take A Selfie To Show View Of The Bridge

couple hugs in front of green vines

Couple Hugs In Front Of Green Vines

penne pasta shells and a hand against a black background

Penne Pasta Shells And A Hand Against A Black Background

couple stands by a river and take a selfie

Couple Stands By A River And Take A Selfie

man wrapped in blanket and holding bowl close to his face

Man Wrapped In Blanket And Holding Bowl Close To His Face

hands meet to form a heart and frame kissing couple

Hands Meet To Form A Heart And Frame Kissing Couple

man looks to the left as he adjusts his glasses

Man Looks To The Left As He Adjusts His Glasses

hand holds a knife ready to chop a zucchini

Hand Holds A Knife Ready To Chop A Zucchini

cat lays down and peaks at the camera

Cat Lays Down And Peaks At The Camera

couple holds hands walking up stone steps

Couple Holds Hands Walking Up Stone Steps

couple on a park bench and look at a cell phone

Couple On A Park Bench And Look At A Cell Phone

close up of mans face in pink and blue light

Close Up Of Mans Face In Pink And Blue Light

knife with a zucchini cut in half

Knife With A Zucchini Cut In Half

couple hug and shares a happy moment

Couple Hug And Shares A Happy Moment

two people take a selfie outdoors while wearing blue facemasks

Two People Take A Selfie Outdoors While Wearing Blue Facemasks

the paws of a brown fluffy cat

The Paws Of A Brown Fluffy Cat

cat naps on white surface in the sunshine

Cat Naps On White Surface In The Sunshine

siamese cat wrapped in soft blue blanket looks up

Siamese Cat Wrapped In Soft Blue Blanket Looks Up

black glasses frames sit up on surface

Black Glasses Frames Sit Up On Surface

hands prepare to cut a carrot with a knife

Hands Prepare To Cut A Carrot With A Knife

woman smiles wide with her face close to a man

Woman Smiles Wide With Her Face Close To A Man

couple walks together through a forest scene

Couple Walks Together Through A Forest Scene

wood handled knife surrounded by vegetables

Wood Handled Knife Surrounded By Vegetables

cat lays down on soft white surface

Cat Lays Down On Soft White Surface

person holds their glasses in front of them

Person Holds Their Glasses In Front Of Them

hands grip a thick wool blanket

Hands Grip A Thick Wool Blanket

cat peeks out of a blue blanket

Cat Peeks Out Of A Blue Blanket

woman rests her head on a man shoulder

Woman Rests Her Head On A Man Shoulder

man looks at the camera as he adjusts his glasses

Man Looks At The Camera As He Adjusts His Glasses

blue terry cloth towel

Blue Terry Cloth Towel

Sun Sets And Reflects On Water And Silhouettes Distant Hills

Sun Sets And Reflects On Water And Silhouettes Distant Hills

wooden fence post surrounded with tall wild grass

Wooden Fence Post Surrounded With Tall Wild Grass

ripe oranges in a green leafed orange tree

Ripe Oranges In A Green Leafed Orange Tree

close up of a small yellow flower with small petals

Close Up Of A Small Yellow Flower With Small Petals

trees on a brown grassy hilltop

Trees On A Brown Grassy Hilltop

close up of wheat sheaves in field

Close Up Of Wheat Sheaves In Field

close up of wheat field at sunset

Close Up Of Wheat Field At Sunset

stone arched hallway to courtyard

Stone Arched Hallway To Courtyard

wooden bridge over a river in a cold day

Wooden Bridge Over A River In A Cold Day

small brown puppy stares through a fence

Small Brown Puppy Stares Through A Fence

close up of a sunflowers center

Close Up Of A Sunflowers Center

silhouette of a person below crescent moon

Silhouette Of A Person Below Crescent Moon

close up of green leaves and foliage

Close Up Of Green Leaves And Foliage

water creates glass texture on city street

Water Creates Glass Texture On City Street

modern wind farm line a rolling hillside

Modern Wind Farm Line A Rolling Hillside

two ropes crossing over on the water

Two Ropes Crossing Over On The Water

close up of small healthy green leaves

Close Up Of Small Healthy Green Leaves