Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Hands Passing A Digital Thermometer | View photo

Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

river and hills with a hand reaching outwards

River And Hills With A Hand Reaching Outwards

wooden bridge over a river in a cold day

Wooden Bridge Over A River In A Cold Day

close up of a green leaf showing its detail

Close Up Of A Green Leaf Showing Its Detail

woman in red athletic wear stands in front of a stack of wood

Woman In Red Athletic Wear Stands In Front Of A Stack Of Wood

hand grasping a black fence

Hand Grasping A Black Fence

spotlight shines through the trees

Spotlight Shines Through The Trees

a sunset leaks through the trees in a forest

A Sunset Leaks Through The Trees In A Forest

sunlight illuminating rocky shore

Sunlight Illuminating Rocky Shore

person running through a forest down a narrow path

Person Running Through A Forest Down A Narrow Path

person in a red raincoat walks down a lush pathway

Person In A Red Raincoat Walks Down A Lush Pathway

outdoors laptop and water bottle lay on pink yoga mat

Outdoors Laptop And Water Bottle Lay On Pink Yoga Mat

person walks away in blue jeans and blue shirt

Person Walks Away In Blue Jeans And Blue Shirt

person in red work out wear holds a yoga mat

Person In Red Work Out Wear Holds A Yoga Mat

woman in active wear stretches her leg outdoors

Woman In Active Wear Stretches Her Leg Outdoors

rocky coast line meets ocean waves

Rocky Coast Line Meets Ocean Waves

tall waterfall over large rocky surface

Tall Waterfall Over Large Rocky Surface

two women lean into each other and take a selfie

Two Women Lean Into Each Other And Take A Selfie

close up of two peoples faces close together

Close Up Of Two Peoples Faces Close Together

naked trees under blue evening sky

Naked Trees Under Blue Evening Sky

a stack of hardcover books outdoors with glasses

A Stack Of Hardcover Books Outdoors With Glasses

a wet crisp green apple against a light blue background

A Wet Crisp Green Apple Against A Light Blue Background

babbling brook through the trees

Babbling Brook Through The Trees

green foliage with pink and white flowers

Green Foliage With Pink And White Flowers

hands prepare to cut a carrot with a knife

Hands Prepare To Cut A Carrot With A Knife

two people holding hands while sitting down

Two People Holding Hands While Sitting Down

hand holds chopsticks over a bowl of rice

Hand Holds Chopsticks Over A Bowl Of Rice

hands cup ripe strawberries with other fruit below

Hands Cup Ripe Strawberries With Other Fruit Below

bead made of wood float and spell out dream

Bead Made Of Wood Float And Spell Out Dream

wooden toothbrushes lined on bright pink background

Wooden Toothbrushes Lined On Bright Pink Background

green teapot against a light pink backdrop

Green Teapot Against A Light Pink Backdrop

woman sits in a forest and looks up smiling

Woman Sits In A Forest And Looks Up Smiling

sunsetting on foamy rocks

Sunsetting On Foamy Rocks

wind turbine's used to create energy

Wind Turbine's Used To Create Energy

woman smiles while sitting in a yoga pose

Woman Smiles While Sitting In A Yoga Pose

person wears a facemask and takes in a beautiful sunset

Person Wears A Facemask And Takes In A Beautiful Sunset

cow stands in the middle of the frame against blue skies

Cow Stands In The Middle Of The Frame Against Blue Skies

woman in a facemask looks at her phone standing by water

Woman In A Facemask Looks At Her Phone Standing By Water

A Basketball Court Outdoors

A Basketball Court Outdoors

person pours water into a small potted plant

Person Pours Water Into A Small Potted Plant

woman in facemask leans against a wall by water

Woman In Facemask Leans Against A Wall By Water

white digital thermometer lays on bright background

White Digital Thermometer Lays On Bright Background

wooden coloring pencils fly through the air

Wooden Coloring Pencils Fly Through The Air

persons torso standing on a sandy beach

Persons Torso Standing On A Sandy Beach

four breaded balls are being fried in oil

Four Breaded Balls Are Being Fried In Oil

assortment of grey rocks

Assortment Of Grey Rocks

person looks out an open window toward city below

Person Looks Out An Open Window Toward City Below

legs standing on a pink yoga mat outdoors

Legs Standing On A Pink Yoga Mat Outdoors

person with long hair silhouetted at sunset by the water

Person With Long Hair Silhouetted At Sunset By The Water

person eats rice cakes and works on there laptop outdoors

Person Eats Rice Cakes And Works On There Laptop Outdoors

lighthouse towers over trees

Lighthouse Towers Over Trees