Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

person in a straw hat walks on a bright sandy beach

Person In A Straw Hat Walks On A Bright Sandy Beach

boat tethered to the shoreline at twilight

Boat Tethered To The Shoreline At Twilight

person couches to plant in their garden

Person Couches To Plant In Their Garden

small wild white flowers on sunny day

Small Wild White Flowers On Sunny Day

wicker beach bag and sandals on a white sandy beach

Wicker Beach Bag And Sandals On A White Sandy Beach

repeat pattern of combs laying on a beige surface

Repeat Pattern Of Combs Laying On A Beige Surface

snowy mountains and a winding dirt road

Snowy Mountains And A Winding Dirt Road

person covered by hair stands under bridge on a windy day

Person Covered By Hair Stands Under Bridge On A Windy Day

portrait view of snowy mountain in the sun

Portrait View Of Snowy Mountain In The Sun

man and woman share a kiss sitting on grey couch indoors

Man And Woman Share A Kiss Sitting On Grey Couch Indoors

close up of green fern leaves with brown spotting

Close Up Of Green Fern Leaves With Brown Spotting

orange sunlight reflecting on water

Orange Sunlight Reflecting On Water

single orange maple leaf in hand

Single Orange Maple Leaf In Hand

close up of a delicate white wildflower

Close Up Of A Delicate White Wildflower

sea meets sand

Sea Meets Sand

top of fern branches against black

Top Of Fern Branches Against Black

person in a floral dress holds a large book open

Person In A Floral Dress Holds A Large Book Open

two people walk among tall white windmills

Two People Walk Among Tall White Windmills

cliff side view of wavy ocean and large hills

Cliff Side View Of Wavy Ocean And Large Hills

arms reach into pile hands on top of each other

Arms Reach Into Pile Hands On Top Of Each Other

portrait blue and white lighthouse at sunset

Portrait Blue And White Lighthouse At Sunset

woman tilts a box of vegetables towards the camera

Woman Tilts A Box Of Vegetables Towards The Camera

paved road leading to oceanside lighthouse

Paved Road Leading To Oceanside Lighthouse

green hill side with windmills by blue water

Green Hill Side With Windmills By Blue Water

person looks down at their cellphone while sitting outdoors

Person Looks Down At Their Cellphone While Sitting Outdoors

rocky coast line meets ocean waves

Rocky Coast Line Meets Ocean Waves

cliff edge under the sun

Cliff Edge Under The Sun

woman with a wide smile leaning out a window

Woman With A Wide Smile Leaning Out A Window

close up of lite blue jean fabric

Close Up of Lite Blue Jean Fabric

man holds a comb up to his mustache

Man Holds A Comb Up To His Mustache

black and white snow capped mountains

Black And White Snow Capped Mountains

close up of a hand with a ring on it

Close Up Of A Hand With A Ring On It

sharp colored pencils lined up in a row

Sharp Colored Pencils Lined Up In A Row

lighthouse and crashing waves

Lighthouse And Crashing Waves

white window panes and green vines

White Window Panes and Green Vines

hand holds a gold spoon over a mug filled with foamy milk

Hand Holds A Gold Spoon Over A Mug Filled With Foamy Milk

a white building with beige windows

A White Building With Beige Windows

icy lake before snowcapped mountains

Icy Lake Before Snowcapped Mountains

do not eat this sponge

Do Not Eat This Sponge

blackboard that reads beach day sticks out of a sandy beach

Blackboard That Reads Beach Day Sticks Out Of A Sandy Beach

country road with tall windmills on the left

Country Road With Tall Windmills On The Left

paved tree lined pathway in the spring

Paved Tree Lined Pathway In The Spring

flatlay of cheese mushroom and bacon pizza

Flatlay of Cheese Mushroom And Bacon Pizza

hand grips a chocolate dripped ice cream cone

Hand Grips A Chocolate Dripped Ice Cream Cone

two people holds their hands above their heads

Two People Holds Their Hands Above Their Heads

person smiles in grey sweater on bench

Person Smiles In Grey Sweater On Bench

two people sitting on rock facing away from camera

Two People Sitting On Rock Facing Away From Camera

lighthouse on steep cliffside

Lighthouse On Steep Cliffside

pruning shears cut a branch with yellow flowers

Pruning Shears Cut A Branch With Yellow Flowers

abstract image of paper in pink and blue stripes

Abstract Image Of Paper In Pink And Blue Stripes