Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

person leads someone by the hand down a hiking trail

Person Leads Someone By The Hand Down A Hiking Trail

wooden colored pencils scattered on pink and blue balls

Wooden Colored Pencils Scattered On Pink And Blue Balls

women walk with their arms around each other

Women Walk With Their Arms Around Each Other

a lifeguard tower at twilight

A Lifeguard Tower At Twilight

woman in glasses looks left on a green lined dirt trail

Woman In Glasses Looks Left On A Green Lined Dirt Trail

white blocks laying in colorful dots spells out smile

White Blocks Laying In Colorful Dots Spells Out Smile

black and white wooden toothbrushes in a glass cup

Black And White Wooden Toothbrushes In A Glass Cup

lighthouse on rocks overlooks water

Lighthouse On Rocks Overlooks Water

orange light rays over boastline at sunset

Orange Light Rays Over Boastline At Sunset

person pours water into a small potted plant

Person Pours Water Into A Small Potted Plant

Sun Sets And Reflects On Water And Silhouettes Distant Hills

Sun Sets And Reflects On Water And Silhouettes Distant Hills

cows stand on grass looking down towards the camera

Cows Stand On Grass Looking Down Towards The Camera

low angle view of a person hiking up a stone pathway

Low Angle View Of A Person Hiking Up A Stone Pathway

looking out from a cave

Looking Out From A Cave

sunflower fills center of a frame

Sunflower Fills Center Of A Frame

arms reach into pile hands on top of each other

Arms Reach Into Pile Hands On Top Of Each Other

senior woman in glasses hugs a woman from behind

Senior Woman In Glasses Hugs A Woman From Behind

forest silhouette at sunset

Forest Silhouette At Sunset

rocky cliffs stand over sandy beach

Rocky Cliffs Stand Over Sandy Beach

tiny lighthouse beyond rocky shore

Tiny Lighthouse Beyond Rocky Shore

woman talks on her cell phone on sandy beach

Woman Talks On Her Cell Phone On Sandy Beach

sandy beach and large cliffs

Sandy Beach And Large Cliffs

latte and dark roasted beans

Latte And Dark Roasted Beans

horse posing for the camera

Horse Posing For The Camera

woman in striped bathing suit takes a beach selfie

Woman In Striped Bathing Suit Takes A Beach Selfie

the top corner of a pineapple against pink

The Top Corner Of A Pineapple Against Pink

tall waterfall over large rocky surface

Tall Waterfall Over Large Rocky Surface

Man In Green Looks At His Cell Phone

Man In Green Looks At His Cell Phone

tire tracks along a mountain side

Tire Tracks Along A Mountain Side

white daisy and yellow chrysanthemum flowers

White Daisy And Yellow Chrysanthemum Flowers

country road with tall windmills on the left

Country Road With Tall Windmills On The Left

a dirt road below the mountains

A Dirt Road Below The Mountains

woman walks towards the camera on a beach

Woman Walks Towards The Camera On A Beach

person looks out towards the ocean at sunset

Person Looks Out Towards The Ocean At Sunset

wooden fence post surrounded with tall wild grass

Wooden Fence Post Surrounded With Tall Wild Grass

two cranes against a blue sky

Two Cranes Against A Blue Sky

a single hiker taking on the mountainous terrain

A Single Hiker Taking On The Mountainous Terrain

hands holds a paint brush to a wooden pallet

Hands Holds A Paint Brush To A Wooden Pallet

two people in sunglasses sit in front of a large brown rock

Two People In Sunglasses Sit In Front Of A Large Brown Rock

black round sunglasses on top left of blue background

Black Round Sunglasses On Top Left Of Blue Background

close up of breakfast oats in a ceramic bowl

Close Up Of Breakfast Oats In A Ceramic Bowl

teal sky over calm evening waters

Teal Sky Over Calm Evening Waters

woman sits outdoors and reads a novel on a fallen log

Woman Sits Outdoors And Reads A Novel On A Fallen Log

close up of waves and bubbles on the shore at sunset

Close Up Of Waves And Bubbles On The Shore At Sunset

woman with a wide smile leaning out a window

Woman With A Wide Smile Leaning Out A Window

two women laugh together while sitting around tall grass

Two Women Laugh Together While Sitting Around Tall Grass

two woman outdoors with one woman smiling

Two Woman Outdoors With One Woman Smiling

person outdoors looks out at boats below

Person Outdoors Looks Out At Boats Below

woman in sunglasses sits on stone steps

Woman In Sunglasses Sits On Stone Steps

woman smiles as a woman sleeps on her shoulder

Woman Smiles As A Woman Sleeps On Her Shoulder