Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

paved tree lined pathway in the spring

Paved Tree Lined Pathway In The Spring

rain drops on a bright window

Rain Drops On A Bright Window

lighthouse and crashing waves

Lighthouse And Crashing Waves

abstract waters on bed of rocks

Abstract Waters On Bed Of Rocks

orange light rays over boastline at sunset

Orange Light Rays Over Boastline At Sunset

tire tracks along a mountain side

Tire Tracks Along A Mountain Side

woman in glasses smiles in front of a camera

Woman In Glasses Smiles In Front Of A Camera

feet walk into the water

Feet Walk Into The Water

cliff edge under the sun

Cliff Edge Under The Sun

woman laughs while outdoors in a forest

Woman Laughs While Outdoors In A Forest

photo of blue water and distant land

Photo Of Blue Water And Distant Land

sharp colored pencils lined up in a row

Sharp Colored Pencils Lined Up In A Row

lifeguard chair on an empty beach

Lifeguard Chair On An Empty Beach

two people holds their hands above their heads

Two People Holds Their Hands Above Their Heads

blue and orange tide rolls into shore

Blue And Orange Tide Rolls Into Shore

tiny lighthouse beyond rocky shore

Tiny Lighthouse Beyond Rocky Shore

two people smile standing in front of a cedar tree

Two People Smile Standing In Front Of A Cedar Tree

person looks out to aqua blue water filled with boats

Person Looks Out To Aqua Blue Water Filled With Boats

sunsetting on foamy rocks

Sunsetting On Foamy Rocks

white blocks spell there is no planet b on yellow surface

White Blocks Spell There Is No Planet B On Yellow Surface

person standing in a forest at golden hour

Person Standing In A Forest At Golden Hour

mountains dominate the skyline

Mountains Dominate The Skyline

rock mountains sunny glow

Rock Mountains Sunny Glow

bar of white soap on a wooden holder

Bar Of White Soap On A Wooden Holder

hand holding a pen photo

Hand Holding A Pen Photo

tides at sunset

Tides At Sunset

white horse grazing in a lush green field

White Horse Grazing In A Lush Green Field

field of golden wheat

Field Of Golden Wheat

one bar of white soap lays in a wooden holder

One Bar Of White Soap Lays In A Wooden Holder

close up of waves and bubbles on the shore at sunset

Close Up Of Waves And Bubbles On The Shore At Sunset

person stands on a bridge with one hand on each railing

Person Stands On A Bridge With One Hand On Each Railing

paved road leading to oceanside lighthouse

Paved Road Leading To Oceanside Lighthouse

snowy landscape under rock face

Snowy Landscape Under Rock Face

a quite intersection in the city

A Quite Intersection In The City

hands cut a red pepper with a sharp knife

Hands Cut A Red Pepper With A Sharp Knife

a man floats on his back in clear blue water

A Man Floats On His Back In Clear Blue Water

person covered by hair stands under bridge on a windy day

Person Covered By Hair Stands Under Bridge On A Windy Day

buried treasure?

Buried Treasure?

person sitting with large cardboard boxes

Person Sitting With Large Cardboard Boxes

rocky coast line meets ocean waves

Rocky Coast Line Meets Ocean Waves

a small plant into a red pot with watering can

A Small Plant Into A Red Pot With Watering Can

a mug surrounded by a soft blue blanket

A Mug Surrounded By A Soft Blue Blanket

green grass and a wooden fence with a lighthouse behind it

Green Grass And A Wooden Fence With A Lighthouse Behind It

metal strainer with loose tea next to a tea towel

Metal Strainer With Loose Tea Next To A Tea Towel

detailed fern leaves close up

Detailed Fern Leaves Close Up

macro photo of bubbles on a sandy beach

Macro Photo Of Bubbles On A Sandy Beach

red foiled chocolate hearts scattered on black

Red Foiled Chocolate Hearts Scattered On Black

person in a straw hat walks on a bright sandy beach

Person In A Straw Hat Walks On A Bright Sandy Beach

person in a floral dress holds a large book open

Person In A Floral Dress Holds A Large Book Open

beacon nestled at the edge of a cliff

Beacon Nestled At The Edge Of A Cliff