Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

ripe oranges in a green leafed orange tree

Ripe Oranges In A Green Leafed Orange Tree

snowy mountains and a winding dirt road

Snowy Mountains And A Winding Dirt Road

close up of woman reading in a blue face mask

Close Up Of Woman Reading In A Blue Face Mask

black microphone on a metal stand against deep red

Black Microphone On A Metal Stand Against Deep Red

hands putting toothpaste on a toothbrush

Hands Putting Toothpaste On A Toothbrush

the paws of a brown fluffy cat

The Paws Of A Brown Fluffy Cat

woman stands in front of a green house and smiles

Woman Stands In Front Of A Green House And Smiles

disposable face mask sits on table

Disposable Face Mask Sits On Table

top of fern branches against black

Top Of Fern Branches Against Black

portrait blue and white lighthouse at sunset

Portrait Blue And White Lighthouse At Sunset

person looks down at their cellphone while sitting outdoors

Person Looks Down At Their Cellphone While Sitting Outdoors

close up of cheesy pizza slices

Close Up of Cheesy Pizza Slices

model kittens on chairs

Model Kittens On Chairs

close up of green fern leaves with brown spotting

Close Up Of Green Fern Leaves With Brown Spotting

tide rolls into shore between rocks

Tide Rolls Into Shore Between Rocks

camera looks up at a single standing cow

Camera Looks Up At A Single Standing Cow

white horse having a snack

White Horse Having A Snack

two people walk among tall white windmills

Two People Walk Among Tall White Windmills

a hand cups silicone rings

A Hand Cups Silicone Rings

the rough wavy waters of the ocean

The Rough Wavy Waters Of The Ocean

hand holds a pink sunglasses with a open palm

Hand Holds A Pink Sunglasses With A Open Palm

wooden bridge over a river in a cold day

Wooden Bridge Over A River In A Cold Day

lighthouse on rocks overlooks water

Lighthouse On Rocks Overlooks Water

holding pink sunglasses against black background

Holding Pink Sunglasses Against Black Background

top view of a teapot against a grey background

Top View Of A Teapot Against A Grey Background

wooden blocks lay in colorful dots and spell smile

Wooden Blocks Lay In Colorful Dots And Spell Smile

couple shares a quiet moment facing each other

Couple Shares A Quiet Moment Facing Each Other

relax-y cat

Relax-y Cat

tall waterfall over large rocky surface

Tall Waterfall Over Large Rocky Surface

woman reads a book on a bench outdoors

Woman Reads A Book On A Bench Outdoors

woman with her arms crossed on a tree lined trail

Woman With Her Arms Crossed On A Tree Lined Trail

persons in blue jeans lays their hands on their thighs

Persons In Blue Jeans Lays Their Hands On Their Thighs

flatlay of tortoise shell sunglasses on white

Flatlay Of Tortoise Shell Sunglasses On White

a black mounted metal microphone against red

A Black Mounted Metal Microphone Against Red

woman in glasses gets hugged from behind by a friend

Woman In Glasses Gets Hugged From Behind By A Friend

flat lay of bars of soap in green holders

Flat Lay Of Bars Of Soap In Green Holders

three pairs of summer shoes and a beach bag on the beach

Three Pairs Of Summer Shoes And A Beach Bag On The Beach

stream meets the sea at sunset

Stream Meets The Sea At Sunset

woman looks at the camera and stands in a yoga pose

Woman Looks At The Camera And Stands In A Yoga Pose

person stands by a still lake of blue water

Person Stands By A Still Lake Of Blue Water

photo of a man with a blurry hand over his mouth

Photo Of A Man With A Blurry Hand Over His Mouth

couple holds hands walking through green and yellow trees

Couple Holds Hands Walking Through Green And Yellow Trees

green fern leaves fill frame

Green Fern Leaves Fill Frame

hand holds scissors and a comb up

Hand Holds Scissors And A Comb Up

large leaves of a green plant overlaid

Large Leaves Of A Green Plant Overlaid

large white industrial building with tall white cylinders

Large White Industrial Building With Tall White Cylinders

colorful pencil crayons on black background

Colorful Pencil Crayons On Black Background

aqua water with boats attached to shore with ropes

Aqua Water With Boats Attached To Shore With Ropes

person in white holding a pink ribbon to their chest

Person In White Holding A Pink Ribbon To Their Chest

paved tree lined pathway in the spring

Paved Tree Lined Pathway In The Spring