Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 946 photos since October 2019

close up of a hand in a blue jean pocket

Close Up of A Hand In A Blue Jean Pocket

wooden toothbrushes lay on a vibrant orange background

Wooden Toothbrushes Lay On A Vibrant Orange Background

winding paved road with a lighthouse in the distance

Winding Paved Road With A Lighthouse In The Distance

person in a warm jacket looks out to the ocean

Person In A Warm Jacket Looks Out To The Ocean

hand holds a spoon and adds loose leaf tea to a mug

Hand Holds A Spoon And Adds Loose Leaf Tea To A Mug

close up of breakfast oats in a ceramic bowl

Close Up Of Breakfast Oats In A Ceramic Bowl

jade face roller on a white cloth

Jade Face Roller On A White Cloth

two woman walk down a pathway with buildings on each side

Two Woman Walk Down A Pathway With Buildings On Each Side

hand holds a gold spoon over a mug filled with foamy milk

Hand Holds A Gold Spoon Over A Mug Filled With Foamy Milk

flatlay of a bowl of oats tea and a towel

Flatlay Of A Bowl Of Oats Tea And A Towel

wood handled knife surrounded by vegetables

Wood Handled Knife Surrounded By Vegetables

hand holding on to a black fence

Hand Holding On To A Black Fence

wooden toothbrushes lined on bright pink background

Wooden Toothbrushes Lined On Bright Pink Background

stove top and pan filled with onions and peppers

Stove Top And Pan Filled With Onions And Peppers

black pepper in a small wooden bowl

Black Pepper In A Small Wooden Bowl

hands prepare to cut a carrot with a knife

Hands Prepare To Cut A Carrot With A Knife

photo of a hand holding a pen

Photo Of A Hand Holding A Pen

hand grasping a black fence

Hand Grasping A Black Fence

person holds one hand on their chest

Person Holds One Hand On Their Chest

flatlay of fruit and vegetables on a wooden cutting board

Flatlay Of Fruit And Vegetables On A Wooden Cutting Board

hand holds out a pink ribbon

Hand Holds Out A Pink Ribbon

hand holding a pen photo

Hand Holding A Pen Photo

two people walk among tall white windmills

Two People Walk Among Tall White Windmills

two hands holding two forks

Two Hands Holding Two Forks

hands holding a green mug

Hands Holding A Green Mug

person holds a pink ribbon to their chest

Person Holds A Pink Ribbon To Their Chest

person jumps high with legs out above a brown grassy hill

Person Jumps High With Legs Out Above A Brown Grassy Hill

paved road leading to oceanside lighthouse

Paved Road Leading To Oceanside Lighthouse

person wears a facemask and takes in a beautiful sunset

Person Wears A Facemask And Takes In A Beautiful Sunset

knife with a zucchini cut in half

Knife With A Zucchini Cut In Half

wooden beads float and spell out dream

Wooden Beads Float And Spell Out Dream

woman brushes her teeth with an electric toothbrush

Woman Brushes Her Teeth With An Electric Toothbrush

ripe red strawberries in a white bowl

Ripe Red Strawberries In A White Bowl

gold spoons in a row filled with loose leaf tea

Gold Spoons In A Row Filled With Loose Leaf Tea

close up of red peppers and onions

Close Up Of Red Peppers And Onions

Holding Pair Of Chopsticks Over Bowl Of Rice

Holding Pair Of Chopsticks Over Bowl Of Rice

the rough wavy waters of the ocean

The Rough Wavy Waters Of The Ocean

hands hold a tea bag and mug in front of a door

Hands Hold A Tea Bag And Mug In Front Of A Door

ripe oranges fill an orange tree branch

Ripe Oranges Fill An Orange Tree Branch

person with long hair silhouetted at sunset by the water

Person With Long Hair Silhouetted At Sunset By The Water

spoon lays in the middle of oats

Spoon Lays In The Middle Of Oats

hand holds a knife ready to chop a zucchini

Hand Holds A Knife Ready To Chop A Zucchini

cliff side view of wavy ocean and large hills

Cliff Side View Of Wavy Ocean And Large Hills

bead made of wood float and spell out dream

Bead Made Of Wood Float And Spell Out Dream

woman in floral dress sits by a wooden boardwalk

Woman In Floral Dress Sits By A Wooden Boardwalk

looking out at a pond while wearing athletic wear

Looking Out At A Pond While Wearing Athletic Wear

ripe red strawberries against pink

Ripe Red Strawberries Against Pink

white bowl filled with red ripe strawberries

White Bowl Filled With Red Ripe Strawberries

photo of a large wave in the ocean

Photo Of A Large Wave In The Ocean

close up of a hand on a chest

Close Up Of A Hand On A Chest