Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 747 photos since October 2019

knife with a zucchini cut in half

Knife With A Zucchini Cut In Half

wooden toothbrushes lay on a vibrant orange background

Wooden Toothbrushes Lay On A Vibrant Orange Background

hand holds a knife ready to chop a zucchini

Hand Holds A Knife Ready To Chop A Zucchini

man smiles while out on a run in nature

Man Smiles While Out On A Run In Nature

two hands holding two forks

Two Hands Holding Two Forks

hand holding on to a black fence

Hand Holding On To A Black Fence

four breaded balls are being fried in oil

Four Breaded Balls Are Being Fried In Oil

jade face roller on a white cloth

Jade Face Roller On A White Cloth

person holds the edge of a bench while stretching

Person Holds The Edge Of A Bench While Stretching

hand grasping a black fence

Hand Grasping A Black Fence

person in black face mask running on dirt path

Person In Black Face Mask Running On Dirt Path

hand holds out a pink ribbon

Hand Holds Out A Pink Ribbon

man runs outdoors with a stone building behind him

Man Runs Outdoors With A Stone Building Behind Him

brown eyes of a person wearing a face mask

Brown Eyes Of A Person Wearing A Face Mask

person in black running in the green outdoors

Person In Black Running In The Green Outdoors

person kneels on grass to tie their shoelaces

Person Kneels On Grass To Tie Their Shoelaces

person runs if a lush green forest with a dirt pathway

Person Runs If A Lush Green Forest With A Dirt Pathway

close up of breakfast oats in a ceramic bowl

Close Up Of Breakfast Oats In A Ceramic Bowl

hands cup a red apple on black

Hands Cup A Red Apple On Black

a person in black shirt walks away from frame

A Person In Black Shirt Walks Away From Frame

ceramic bowl filled with cooked brown balls

Ceramic Bowl Filled With Cooked Brown Balls

hands cup ripe red strawberries on black background

Hands Cup Ripe Red Strawberries On Black Background

a person in black outdoors with one arm up

A Person In Black Outdoors With One Arm Up

person holds a pink ribbon to their chest

Person Holds A Pink Ribbon To Their Chest

flatlay of a bowl of oats tea and a towel

Flatlay Of A Bowl Of Oats Tea And A Towel

black pepper in a small wooden bowl

Black Pepper In A Small Wooden Bowl

person in white holding a pink ribbon to their chest

Person In White Holding A Pink Ribbon To Their Chest

person holds one hand on their chest

Person Holds One Hand On Their Chest

hands filled with ripe strawberries on black background

Hands Filled With Ripe Strawberries On Black Background

hands adding toothpaste to an electric toothbrush

Hands Adding Toothpaste To An Electric Toothbrush

hands cup ripe strawberries with other fruit below

Hands Cup Ripe Strawberries With Other Fruit Below

close up of a hand on a chest

Close Up Of A Hand On A Chest

person in black face mask stretches for a run

Person In Black Face Mask Stretches For A Run

a green leafy tree with ripe oranges

A Green Leafy Tree With Ripe Oranges

hands tying shoe laces on a running shoe

Hands Tying Shoe Laces On A Running Shoe

an assortment of vibrant vegetables

An Assortment Of Vibrant Vegetables

two women sit together in their living room

Two Women Sit Together In Their Living Room

a person in black smiling as they run outdoors

A Person In Black Smiling As They Run Outdoors

wooden toothbrushes lined on bright pink background

Wooden Toothbrushes Lined On Bright Pink Background

strawberries on a wooden plate over black surface

Strawberries On A Wooden Plate Over Black Surface

woman brushes her teeth with an electric toothbrush

Woman Brushes Her Teeth With An Electric Toothbrush

ripe red strawberries fill a frame

Ripe Red Strawberries Fill A Frame

hands cup a red apple against a black background

Hands Cup A Red Apple Against A Black Background

woman brushes with an electric toothbrush in a mirror

Woman Brushes With An Electric Toothbrush In A Mirror

ripe oranges fill an orange tree branch

Ripe Oranges Fill An Orange Tree Branch

close up of the tips of evergreen needles

Close Up Of The Tips Of Evergreen Needles

a person in black running on a country trail

A Person In Black Running On A Country Trail