Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

flatlay of half pomegranate and other assorted fruits

Flatlay Of Half Pomegranate And Other Assorted Fruits

person reads a book sitting in a window alcove

Person Reads A Book Sitting In A Window Alcove

holding a beach bag and takes out their sunglasses

Holding A Beach Bag And Takes Out Their Sunglasses

grassy hills with modern windmills

Grassy Hills With Modern Windmills

white flower blooming below a warm sunset

White Flower Blooming Below A Warm Sunset

hands create a heart shape against a blanket

Hands Create A Heart Shape Against A Blanket

woman in floral dress sits by a wooden boardwalk

Woman In Floral Dress Sits By A Wooden Boardwalk

black microphone set against a pink background

Black Microphone Set Against A Pink Background

sunsets behind a cloud in a dark night sky

Sunsets Behind A Cloud In A Dark Night Sky

view of treetops from the forest floor

View Of Treetops From The Forest Floor

curious sheep

Curious Sheep

person in red work out wear holds a yoga mat

Person In Red Work Out Wear Holds A Yoga Mat

person holds out a bowl of fresh cherries

Person Holds Out A Bowl Of Fresh Cherries

walking brown shetland pony

Walking Brown Shetland Pony

lined notebook with a cellphone resting on it

Lined Notebook With A Cellphone Resting On It

woman smiling to the camera with orange curtains behind

Woman Smiling To The Camera With Orange Curtains Behind

persons legs sitting on a pink yoga mat outdoors

Persons Legs Sitting On A Pink Yoga Mat Outdoors

wooden boardwalk through brown grassy land

Wooden Boardwalk Through Brown Grassy Land

pathway upwards on a steep cliff

Pathway Upwards On A Steep Cliff

person in one piece swimsuit smiles at the camera

Person In One Piece Swimsuit Smiles At The Camera

hands hold cellphone over laptop and stationary

Hands Hold Cellphone Over Laptop And Stationary

cellphone floats above a soft pink background

Cellphone Floats Above A Soft Pink Background

camera looks down towards a couple laying on green grass

Camera Looks Down Towards A Couple Laying On Green Grass

green hill side with windmills by blue water

Green Hill Side With Windmills By Blue Water

woman in a facemask stands in front of large lake

Woman In A Facemask Stands In Front Of Large Lake

dusty windows and blinds

Dusty Windows And Blinds

sunsets in a marina full of boats

Sunsets In A Marina Full Of Boats

woman working outdoors holds a phone to her ear

Woman Working Outdoors Holds A Phone To Her Ear

wheatsheaf against a blue sky

Wheatsheaf Against A Blue Sky

hands tying shoe laces on a running shoe

Hands Tying Shoe Laces On A Running Shoe

black chalkboard in the sand reads its summer

Black Chalkboard In The Sand Reads Its Summer

woman in a blue sundress leans against a white wall

Woman In A Blue Sundress Leans Against A White Wall

woman stands in at stone lookout and take in the forest view

Woman Stands In At Stone Lookout And Take In The Forest View

stack of books with a pair of glasses on top

Stack Of Books With A Pair Of Glasses On Top

legs of three people walking into wavy water

Legs Of Three People Walking Into Wavy Water

wooden hut on mountain side

Wooden Hut On Mountain Side

three people stand in shade and smile

Three People Stand In Shade And Smile

ripe red strawberries fill a frame

Ripe Red Strawberries Fill A Frame

waves on the shore with hills in distance

Waves On The Shore With Hills In Distance

a cellphone floats in the middle of orange background

A Cellphone Floats In The Middle Of Orange Background

view of the coast on a clear day

View Of The Coast On A Clear Day

clouds drift over bridge on water

Clouds Drift Over Bridge On Water

person lays on grass and crunches in a situp

Person Lays On Grass And Crunches In A Situp

portrait view of snowy mountain in the sun

Portrait View Of Snowy Mountain In The Sun

light leaks on silky water close up

Light Leaks On Silky Water Close Up

woman smiles and stands in front of sandy hills

Woman Smiles And Stands In Front Of Sandy Hills

happy dog gets pets

Happy Dog Gets Pets

person holds a sign with message ask for help

Person Holds A Sign With Message Ask For Help

small cabin on hill

Small Cabin On Hill

man looks at the camera as he adjusts his glasses

Man Looks At The Camera As He Adjusts His Glasses