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Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Hands Passing A Digital Thermometer | View photo

Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1166 photos since October 2019

detail of a cedar tree

Detail Of A Cedar Tree

spotlight shines through the trees

Spotlight Shines Through The Trees

white blocks spells out stay well repeatedly

White Blocks Spells Out Stay Well Repeatedly

green grass and a wooden fence with a lighthouse behind it

Green Grass And A Wooden Fence With A Lighthouse Behind It

aerial view of a walkway through rocky hills by the water

Aerial View Of A Walkway Through Rocky Hills By The Water

a bunch of freshly bloomed daisies

A Bunch Of Freshly Bloomed Daisies

cow parsley plant in the wild

Cow Parsley Plant In The Wild

ferns are lit by the setting sun

Ferns Are Lit By The Setting Sun

lighthouse by the ocean through flowers on a tree

Lighthouse By The Ocean Through Flowers On A Tree

couple holds hands walking up stone steps

Couple Holds Hands Walking Up Stone Steps

People Take A Selfie To Show View Of The Bridge

People Take A Selfie To Show View Of The Bridge

white horse grazing in a lush green field

White Horse Grazing In A Lush Green Field

hands use a knife to cut up meat

Hands Use A Knife To Cut Up Meat

metal basketball net and backboard

Metal Basketball Net And Backboard

red foiled chocolate hearts scattered on black

Red Foiled Chocolate Hearts Scattered On Black

close up of horse eating in farmers field

Close Up Of Horse Eating In Farmers Field

blinds and dusty window

Blinds And Dusty Window

water flows through a narrow valley in mountains

Water Flows Through A Narrow Valley In Mountains

wind turbine's used to create energy

Wind Turbine's Used To Create Energy

close up of wheat field at sunset

Close Up Of Wheat Field At Sunset

hands filled with ripe strawberries on black background

Hands Filled With Ripe Strawberries On Black Background

woman in sunglasses pulls hair back and smiles wide

Woman In Sunglasses Pulls Hair Back And Smiles Wide

person kneels on grass to tie their shoelaces

Person Kneels On Grass To Tie Their Shoelaces

hand holding a pen photo

Hand Holding A Pen Photo

sharp colored pencils lined up in a row

Sharp Colored Pencils Lined Up In A Row

naked trees under blue evening sky

Naked Trees Under Blue Evening Sky

sunset splashing over rocks

Sunset Splashing Over Rocks

rocky cliff with the ocean below

Rocky Cliff With The Ocean Below

two ropes crossing over on the water

Two Ropes Crossing Over On The Water

two people silhouetted by the settings sun

Two People Silhouetted By The Settings Sun

A Basketball Court Outdoors

A Basketball Court Outdoors

snowy mountains and a winding dirt road

Snowy Mountains And A Winding Dirt Road

abstract image of paper in pink and blue stripes

Abstract Image Of Paper In Pink And Blue Stripes

red and yellow apples covered with water droplets

Red And Yellow Apples Covered With Water Droplets

colored pencils lines up on a black background

Colored Pencils Lines Up On A Black Background

hands hold pasta salad and a fork by a waterfall outdoors

Hands Hold Pasta Salad And A Fork By A Waterfall Outdoors

calm water laps the shoreline

Calm Water Laps The Shoreline

woman works on her laptop on a wooden bench outdoors

Woman Works On Her Laptop On A Wooden Bench Outdoors

ripe red strawberries fill a frame

Ripe Red Strawberries Fill A Frame

wooden bridge over a river in a cold day

Wooden Bridge Over A River In A Cold Day

woman in floral dress sits by a wooden boardwalk

Woman In Floral Dress Sits By A Wooden Boardwalk

black microphone against orange photo

Black Microphone Against Orange Photo

sunsetting on foamy rocks

Sunsetting On Foamy Rocks

sunlight illuminating rocky shore

Sunlight Illuminating Rocky Shore

woman in a blue shirt and glasses smiles wide

Woman In A Blue Shirt And Glasses Smiles Wide

woman in glasses smiles by the rocky shoreline

Woman In Glasses Smiles By The Rocky Shoreline

steep cement staircase

Steep Cement Staircase

woman reads a book with rocks and water behind her

Woman Reads A Book With Rocks And Water Behind Her

woman runs down a tree lined pathway

Woman Runs Down A Tree Lined Pathway

a close up view of a fern outdoors

A Close Up View Of A Fern Outdoors