Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

close up of a delicate white wildflower

Close Up Of A Delicate White Wildflower

cow stands in the middle of the frame against blue skies

Cow Stands In The Middle Of The Frame Against Blue Skies

woman leans on a tiled wall and looks out the window

Woman Leans On A Tiled Wall And Looks Out The Window

hands meet to form a heart and frame kissing couple

Hands Meet To Form A Heart And Frame Kissing Couple

beach with aqua blue water and a single beach umbrella

Beach With Aqua Blue Water And A Single Beach Umbrella

woman in glasses smiles in front of a camera

Woman In Glasses Smiles In Front Of A Camera

woman looks at her cell phone near a bright window

Woman Looks At Her Cell Phone Near A Bright Window

sunflower fills center of a frame

Sunflower Fills Center Of A Frame

woman sits on the side of a hill above water

Woman Sits On The Side Of A Hill Above Water

flatlay of two bars of white soap and dried leaves

Flatlay Of Two Bars Of White Soap And Dried Leaves

tall building with window planters

Tall Building With Window Planters

building covered in green foliage

Building Covered In Green Foliage

scattered coffee beans and milk

Scattered Coffee Beans And Milk

hands putting toothpaste on a toothbrush

Hands Putting Toothpaste On A Toothbrush

the word earth written in the dirt

The Word Earth Written In The Dirt

hands grip a thick wool blanket

Hands Grip A Thick Wool Blanket

man and woman share a kiss sitting on grey couch indoors

Man And Woman Share A Kiss Sitting On Grey Couch Indoors

view of treetops from the forest floor

View Of Treetops From The Forest Floor

beach sands and the sunlight

Beach Sands And The Sunlight

rain drops illuminated on window

Rain Drops Illuminated On Window

People Take A Selfie To Show View Of The Bridge

People Take A Selfie To Show View Of The Bridge

latte and dark roasted beans

Latte And Dark Roasted Beans

toothbrushes lined up in a row against orange

Toothbrushes Lined Up In A Row Against Orange

crystal clear water on the beach

Crystal Clear Water On The Beach

white coffee cup and coffee beans

White Coffee Cup And Coffee Beans

sunsets over the wavy water

Sunsets Over The Wavy Water

low angle of a person walking up stone steps through a forest

Low Angle Of A Person Walking Up Stone Steps Through A Forest

person kneels on grass to tie their shoelaces

Person Kneels On Grass To Tie Their Shoelaces

close up of cheesy pizza slices

Close Up of Cheesy Pizza Slices

a lifeguard tower at twilight

A Lifeguard Tower At Twilight

a single yellow chrysanthemum flower

A Single Yellow Chrysanthemum Flower

a single structure on a hill

A Single Structure On A Hill

aqua water with boats attached to shore with ropes

Aqua Water With Boats Attached To Shore With Ropes

woman in athletic clothing sits outdoors

Woman In Athletic Clothing Sits Outdoors

off the beaten path in fall season

Off The Beaten Path In Fall Season

wild dog with bright eyes

Wild Dog With Bright Eyes

woman walk towards the camera by a blue lake

Woman Walk Towards The Camera By A Blue Lake

flatlay of blocks the middle spelling out stay well

Flatlay Of Blocks The Middle Spelling Out Stay Well

jade face roller flatlay surrounded by dried leaves

Jade Face Roller Flatlay Surrounded By Dried Leaves

old rope knotted

Old Rope Knotted

woman in a facemask talks on the phone outdoors

Woman In A Facemask Talks On The Phone Outdoors

river and hills with a hand reaching outwards

River And Hills With A Hand Reaching Outwards

jade face roller lays on white cloth with pine needles

Jade Face Roller Lays On White Cloth With Pine Needles

Man In Green Looks At His Cell Phone

Man In Green Looks At His Cell Phone

woman laughing by aqua blue ocean water

Woman Laughing By Aqua Blue Ocean Water

Holding Pair Of Chopsticks Over Bowl Of Rice

Holding Pair Of Chopsticks Over Bowl Of Rice

rocky cliff with the ocean below

Rocky Cliff With The Ocean Below

close up orange tide rolls into shore

Close Up Orange Tide Rolls Into Shore

person reads their novel sitting on a sandy beach

Person Reads Their Novel Sitting On A Sandy Beach

sandy beach and large cliffs

Sandy Beach And Large Cliffs