Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1156 photos since October 2019

ends of colored pencils lines up

Ends Of Colored Pencils Lines Up

silhouette of a person below crescent moon

Silhouette Of A Person Below Crescent Moon

sunlight ducks below the horizon

Sunlight Ducks Below The Horizon

close up of bubbles in a pink glass

Close Up Of Bubbles In A Pink Glass

close up of green leafs

Close Up Of Green Leafs

cold lake waters and distant mountains

Cold Lake Waters And Distant Mountains

a black microphone lays on yellow backdrop

A Black Microphone Lays On Yellow Backdrop

top of fern branches against black

Top Of Fern Branches Against Black

stream meets the sea at sunset

Stream Meets The Sea At Sunset

person on couch smiles at laptop screen

Person On Couch Smiles At Laptop Screen

person sits on a couch typing away on laptop

Person Sits On A Couch Typing Away On Laptop

a mug surrounded by a soft blue blanket

A Mug Surrounded By A Soft Blue Blanket

flatlay of bars of white soap on a wooden surface

Flatlay Of Bars Of White Soap On A Wooden Surface

a dirt road below the mountains

A Dirt Road Below The Mountains

orange colored daisy in garden

Orange Colored Daisy In Garden

close up of vast snowcapped mountain

Close Up Of Vast Snowcapped Mountain

sunrise over the mountains

Sunrise Over The Mountains

assortment of grey rocks

Assortment Of Grey Rocks

flatlay of wooden toothbrushes laying bristles up on blue

Flatlay Of Wooden Toothbrushes Laying Bristles Up On Blue

flatlay of jade face roller laying on a grey stone

Flatlay Of Jade Face Roller Laying On A Grey Stone

detailed fern leave amongst the shadows

Detailed Fern Leave Amongst The Shadows

two woman smile as one sits on the other lap

Two Woman Smile As One Sits On The Other Lap

lifeguard stands on sandy beach

Lifeguard Stands On Sandy Beach

a close up of a tree branch

A Close Up Of A Tree Branch

a reflection of a person brushing their teeth

A Reflection Of A Person Brushing Their Teeth

a sunset leaks through the trees in a forest

A Sunset Leaks Through The Trees In A Forest

red foiled hearts on a pink background

Red Foiled Hearts On A Pink Background

colored pencils scattered shown from above

Colored Pencils Scattered Shown From Above

cement staircase with white railing in dark building

Cement Staircase With White Railing In Dark Building

hand holds loose leaf tea over a mug with a stainer

Hand Holds Loose Leaf Tea Over A Mug With A Stainer

a person in black outdoors with one arm up

A Person In Black Outdoors With One Arm Up

hands tying shoe laces on a running shoe

Hands Tying Shoe Laces On A Running Shoe

woman sleeping with a mask covering her eyes

Woman Sleeping With A Mask Covering Her Eyes

person pours tea into glass outdoors

Person Pours Tea Into Glass Outdoors

wooden toothbrushes lined up against a green background

Wooden Toothbrushes Lined Up Against A Green Background

close up of black cat portrait

Close Up Of Black Cat Portrait

person in white holding a pink ribbon to their chest

Person In White Holding A Pink Ribbon To Their Chest

flatlay of two bars of white soap and dried leaves

Flatlay Of Two Bars Of White Soap And Dried Leaves

clothes pins against a bright blue sky

Clothes Pins Against A Bright Blue Sky

spotlight shines through the trees

Spotlight Shines Through The Trees

strawberries on a wooden plate over black surface

Strawberries On A Wooden Plate Over Black Surface

one bar of white soap lays in a wooden holder

One Bar Of White Soap Lays In A Wooden Holder

distant house within snowy wilderness

Distant House Within Snowy Wilderness

person in red holds their arm in a stretch outdoors

Person In Red Holds Their Arm In A Stretch Outdoors

ripe oranges in a green leafed orange tree

Ripe Oranges In A Green Leafed Orange Tree

trees on a brown grassy hilltop

Trees On A Brown Grassy Hilltop

pathway upwards on a steep cliff

Pathway Upwards On A Steep Cliff

yellow paint on wet asphalt

Yellow Paint On Wet Asphalt

detail of a cedar tree

Detail Of A Cedar Tree

looking out at a pond while wearing athletic wear

Looking Out At A Pond While Wearing Athletic Wear