Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

beacon nestled at the edge of a cliff

Beacon Nestled At The Edge Of A Cliff

woman smiling to the camera with orange curtains behind

Woman Smiling To The Camera With Orange Curtains Behind

stack of books with a pair of glasses on top

Stack Of Books With A Pair Of Glasses On Top

woman sits by the water and holds a novel open

Woman Sits By The Water And Holds A Novel Open

cappuccino sits in coffee beans under a plant

Cappuccino Sits In Coffee Beans Under A Plant

profile of a cow in empty field

Profile Of A Cow In Empty Field

mountains and a river filled with docks

Mountains And A River Filled With Docks

photo of a legs standing on a sandy beach next to a beach bag

Photo Of A Legs Standing On A Sandy Beach Next To A Beach Bag

man in plaid holds a laptop and cellphone

Man In Plaid Holds A Laptop And Cellphone

colorful lines in a gradient

Colorful Lines In A Gradient

white horse with a blue bridle

White Horse With A Blue Bridle

black and white waves on rocks

Black And White Waves On Rocks

person looks out open window to the city below

Person Looks Out Open Window To The City Below

a bowl of white rice surrounded by balls of dough

A Bowl Of White Rice Surrounded By Balls Of Dough

woman smiles and holds a cellphone to her ear

Woman Smiles And Holds A Cellphone To Her Ear

hand holds a stainer from a cup of tea

Hand Holds A Stainer From A Cup Of Tea

field of golden wheat

Field Of Golden Wheat

man and woman wear facemasks looking at the camera

Man And Woman Wear Facemasks Looking At The Camera

person reads their novel sitting on a sandy beach

Person Reads Their Novel Sitting On A Sandy Beach

wooden toothbrushes lined on bright pink background

Wooden Toothbrushes Lined On Bright Pink Background

close up of green fern leaves with brown spotting

Close Up Of Green Fern Leaves With Brown Spotting

two woman smile as one sits on the other lap

Two Woman Smile As One Sits On The Other Lap

fuzzy top of wild foliage

Fuzzy Top Of Wild Foliage

lined notebook with a cellphone resting on it

Lined Notebook With A Cellphone Resting On It

close up of breakfast oats in a ceramic bowl

Close Up Of Breakfast Oats In A Ceramic Bowl

rocky cliff with the ocean below

Rocky Cliff With The Ocean Below

waves on the shore with hills in distance

Waves On The Shore With Hills In Distance

low angle of a person walking up stone steps through a forest

Low Angle Of A Person Walking Up Stone Steps Through A Forest

water droplets hung on green vines

Water Droplets Hung On Green Vines

hand reaching to light leaks

Hand Reaching To Light Leaks

woman reads her book sitting on a wooden log on the beach

Woman Reads Her Book Sitting On A Wooden Log On The Beach

hand holds a pink sunglasses with a open palm

Hand Holds A Pink Sunglasses With A Open Palm

woman wearing sunglasses stands in front of a rocky surface

Woman Wearing Sunglasses Stands In Front Of A Rocky Surface

the sunsets while a fisherman casts

The Sunsets While A Fisherman Casts

hands holding a green mug

Hands Holding A Green Mug

person in white holding a pink ribbon to their chest

Person In White Holding A Pink Ribbon To Their Chest

sunset casts shadows on lighthouse

Sunset Casts Shadows On Lighthouse

small crescent moon in blue sky

Small Crescent Moon In Blue Sky

person in a facemask tends to a table of plants

Person In A Facemask Tends To A Table Of Plants

woman on a bridge in a facemask

Woman On A Bridge In A Facemask

woman walk towards the camera by a blue lake

Woman Walk Towards The Camera By A Blue Lake

wooden hut on mountain side

Wooden Hut On Mountain Side

woman in a swimsuit shields her eyes from the sun

Woman In A Swimsuit Shields Her Eyes From The Sun

two hands reach to hold a single hand

Two Hands Reach To Hold A Single Hand

single stock of ornamental grass

Single Stock Of Ornamental Grass

close up of lite blue jean fabric

Close Up of Lite Blue Jean Fabric

photo of a hand holding a pen

Photo Of A Hand Holding A Pen

close up of blue and green leaves

Close Up Of Blue And Green Leaves

man holds woman up on his back as they both smile

Man Holds Woman Up On His Back As They Both Smile

three happy people wearing sunglasses outdoors

Three Happy People Wearing Sunglasses Outdoors