Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

woman walks down a flat wooden boardwalk

Woman Walks Down A Flat Wooden Boardwalk

woman walk towards the camera by a blue lake

Woman Walk Towards The Camera By A Blue Lake

two women laugh together while sitting around tall grass

Two Women Laugh Together While Sitting Around Tall Grass

hand holds a cell phone over a black background

Hand Holds A Cell Phone Over A Black Background

two women lean into each other and take a selfie

Two Women Lean Into Each Other And Take A Selfie

campervan under morning sunrise

Campervan Under Morning Sunrise

white horse with a blue bridle

White Horse With A Blue Bridle

icy lake and snowy mountain tops

Icy Lake And Snowy Mountain Tops

a green teapot and teabags leaning on it

A Green Teapot And Teabags Leaning On It

two people run down a paved road towards a lighthouse

Two People Run Down A Paved Road Towards A Lighthouse

person leads someone by the hand down a hiking trail

Person Leads Someone By The Hand Down A Hiking Trail

person mid air jumping into clear blue water

Person Mid Air Jumping Into Clear Blue Water

half blue half green background with earrings and a ring

Half Blue Half Green Background With Earrings And A Ring

person faces the water and holds their shoes in hand

Person Faces The Water And Holds Their Shoes In Hand

red wine pouring into a wine glass

Red Wine Pouring Into A Wine Glass

hand holds a paint brush towards the camera

Hand Holds A Paint Brush Towards The Camera

landscape of a rocky shore with a hand reaching out to it

Landscape Of A Rocky Shore With A Hand Reaching Out To It

running shoes on green grass of a person stretching

Running Shoes On Green Grass of A Person Stretching

woman sits outdoors and reads a novel on a fallen log

Woman Sits Outdoors And Reads A Novel On A Fallen Log

sandy beach and sand dunes under deep blue sky

Sandy Beach And Sand Dunes Under Deep Blue Sky

person eats rice cakes and works on there laptop outdoors

Person Eats Rice Cakes And Works On There Laptop Outdoors

half blue and half pink photo with earrings lined up

Half Blue And Half Pink Photo With Earrings Lined Up

water flows through a narrow valley in mountains

Water Flows Through A Narrow Valley In Mountains

frame filled with open novels showing their text

Frame Filled With Open Novels Showing Their Text

tide rolling to shore under sunset

Tide Rolling To Shore Under Sunset

a man putting on his black face mask outdoors

A Man Putting On His Black Face Mask Outdoors

single stock of ornamental grass

Single Stock Of Ornamental Grass

hands adjust a ring on the right ring finger

Hands Adjust A Ring On The Right Ring Finger

woman in glasses looks up to the right

Woman In Glasses Looks Up To The Right

person looks out towards the ocean at sunset

Person Looks Out Towards The Ocean At Sunset

man takes selfie while a woman kisses him

Man Takes Selfie While A Woman Kisses Him

woman on a bridge in a facemask

Woman On A Bridge In A Facemask

photo of a hand holding a pen

Photo Of A Hand Holding A Pen

sitting on the dock at sunset

Sitting On The Dock At Sunset

portrait of a calf

Portrait Of A Calf

small red lighthouse in the rocks

Small Red Lighthouse In The Rocks

mug with a fresh tea bag above it

Mug With A Fresh Tea Bag Above It

close up of a daisy with yellow center

Close Up Of A Daisy With Yellow Center

pair of silver framed sunglasses on a stone surface

Pair Of Silver Framed Sunglasses On A Stone Surface

the sunset colors on the water

The Sunset Colors On The Water

holding sunglasses by the arm on yellow background

Holding Sunglasses By The Arm On Yellow Background

woman standing in from of a large rocky hill

Woman Standing In From Of A Large Rocky Hill

blue terry cloth towel

Blue Terry Cloth Towel

person looks out an open window toward city below

Person Looks Out An Open Window Toward City Below

red foiled chocolate hearts in shape of a heart

Red Foiled Chocolate Hearts In Shape Of A Heart

beach with aqua blue water and a single beach umbrella

Beach With Aqua Blue Water And A Single Beach Umbrella

close up of droplets on a leaf

Close Up Of Droplets On A Leaf

hand holds a tea bag over a cup

Hand Holds A Tea Bag Over A Cup

person holds up map while standing on a city street

Person Holds Up Map While Standing On A City Street

woman sits on a pink yoga mat on green grass

Woman Sits On A Pink Yoga Mat On Green Grass