Avelino Calvar Martinez

Creative photographer and editor.

location Spain

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Avelino Calvar Martinez has contributed 1391 photos since October 2019

person sits on steps by a beach looking at their phone

Person Sits On Steps By A Beach Looking At Their Phone

fuzzy top of wild foliage

Fuzzy Top Of Wild Foliage

camera looks down towards a couple laying on green grass

Camera Looks Down Towards A Couple Laying On Green Grass

holding sunglasses by the arm on yellow background

Holding Sunglasses By The Arm On Yellow Background

pair of hands cup a small green plant in a red pot

Pair Of Hands Cup A Small Green Plant In A Red Pot

close up of wheat sheaves in field

Close Up Of Wheat Sheaves In Field

mountains dominate the skyline

Mountains Dominate The Skyline

hand holding a pen photo

Hand Holding A Pen Photo

flatlay of a cell phone floating with laptop and tablet

Flatlay Of A Cell Phone Floating With Laptop And Tablet

flatlay of a bowl of oats tea and a towel

Flatlay Of A Bowl Of Oats Tea And A Towel

woman on a couch looks at her cell phone

Woman On A Couch Looks At Her Cell Phone

close up of a person holding a pink ribbon on their chest

Close Up Of A Person Holding A Pink Ribbon On Their Chest

person does yoga pose outdoors surrounded by trees

Person Does Yoga Pose Outdoors Surrounded By Trees

one bar of white soap lays in a wooden holder

One Bar Of White Soap Lays In A Wooden Holder

a white building with beige windows

A White Building With Beige Windows

abstract image of colored paper in triangular shapes

Abstract Image Of Colored Paper In Triangular Shapes

small crescent moon in blue sky

Small Crescent Moon In Blue Sky

three people with their hands up on a forest trail

Three People With Their Hands Up On A Forest Trail

woman sits on a stone surface and reads a hardcover book

Woman Sits On A Stone Surface And Reads A Hardcover Book

hand reaching to light leaks

Hand Reaching To Light Leaks

lone tree in a green grassy field

Lone Tree In A Green Grassy Field

person with arms reaching high does yoga in a forest

Person With Arms Reaching High Does Yoga In A Forest

stack of books with a pair of glasses on top

Stack Of Books With A Pair Of Glasses On Top

woman in red athletic wear stands in front of a stack of wood

Woman In Red Athletic Wear Stands In Front Of A Stack Of Wood

woman sits cross legged smiling at their cell phone

Woman Sits Cross Legged Smiling At Their Cell Phone

the rough wavy waters of the ocean

The Rough Wavy Waters Of The Ocean

green fern leaves fill frame

Green Fern Leaves Fill Frame

cappuccino sits in coffee beans under a plant

Cappuccino Sits In Coffee Beans Under A Plant

single orange maple leaf in hand

Single Orange Maple Leaf In Hand

woman runs down a tree lined pathway

Woman Runs Down A Tree Lined Pathway

water creates glass texture on city street

Water Creates Glass Texture On City Street

single wheat sheaf against a green background

Single Wheat Sheaf Against A Green Background

black and white waves on rocks

Black And White Waves On Rocks

three people sit together outdoors and look at a cellphone

Three People Sit Together Outdoors And Look At A Cellphone

a black mounted metal microphone against red

A Black Mounted Metal Microphone Against Red

a hand cups silicone rings

A Hand Cups Silicone Rings

man smiles while out on a run in nature

Man Smiles While Out On A Run In Nature

tight cluster of small green plants

Tight Cluster Of Small Green Plants

a bowl of white rice surrounded by balls of dough

A Bowl Of White Rice Surrounded By Balls Of Dough

couple holds hands walking through green and yellow trees

Couple Holds Hands Walking Through Green And Yellow Trees

ripe pineapple sits against a blue background

Ripe Pineapple Sits Against A Blue Background

chalkboard with the words healthy in cursive lays on fruit

Chalkboard With The Words Healthy In Cursive Lays On Fruit

wooden table with a book and drinks

Wooden Table With A Book And Drinks

single stock of ornamental grass

Single Stock Of Ornamental Grass

sunset over an industrial bridge

Sunset Over An Industrial Bridge

strawberries on a wooden plate over black surface

Strawberries On A Wooden Plate Over Black Surface

wooden hut on mountain side

Wooden Hut On Mountain Side

woman with hair over face works on her laptop

Woman With Hair Over Face Works On Her Laptop

the sunsets and reflections on the water

The Sunsets And Reflections On The Water

close up of green fern leaves with brown spotting

Close Up Of Green Fern Leaves With Brown Spotting