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A Woman Sits In The Middle Of A Desert Highway | View photo

Angelique Downing has contributed 130 photos since July 2019

a girl in a floral summer dress overlooks the grand canyon

A Girl In A Floral Summer Dress Overlooks the Grand Canyon

saddled up!

Saddled Up!

colourful bean bags on a beach under blue shades and trees

Colourful Bean Bags On A Beach Under Blue Shades And Trees

cascading hillside in indonesia

Cascading Hillside in Indonesia

man greets desert

Man Greets Desert

a freight train hauls containers through the plains

A Freight Train Hauls Containers Through The Plains

three rocks and a road

Three Rocks And A Road

large redstone canyon under rolling clouds

Large Redstone Canyon Under Rolling Clouds

a bicycle in a flower shack

A Bicycle In A Flower Shack

puddles of water on the beach reflect the sunset

Puddles Of Water On the Beach Reflect The Sunset

driving below misty mountains

Driving Below Misty Mountains

a woman sits in the middle of a desert highway

A Woman Sits In The Middle Of A Desert Highway

a pink evening sky over blue waves at the coast

A Pink Evening Sky Over Blue Waves At The Coast

a town in the plains encircled by rocky mountains

A Town In The Plains Encircled By Rocky Mountains

blue waves roll over pebbles on a palm tree-lined beach

Blue Waves Roll Over Pebbles On A Palm Tree-Lined Beach

antique trucks and cars on display

Antique Trucks And Cars On Display

rocky beach

Rocky Beach

a woman sits on a desert hill overlooking mountain plains

A Woman Sits On A Desert Hill Overlooking Mountain Plains

woman contemplates desert

Woman Contemplates Desert

woman looks out over desert

Woman Looks Out Over Desert

a bird on a stack of wood in the sea

A Bird On A Stack Of Wood In The Sea

a ladder scales the steep sides of a red sandstone cave

A Ladder Scales The Steep Sides Of A Red Sandstone Cave

crowds in a lush botanical garden

Crowds In A Lush Botanical Garden

sunrise over the horizon

Sunrise Over The Horizon

a woman by a tree looks down over valley

A Woman By A Tree Looks Down Over Valley

roller coaster railings in front of a ferris wheel

Roller Coaster Railings In Front Of A Ferris Wheel

unusually-shaped desert rocks

Unusually-Shaped Desert Rocks

a man with a camera stands small against red desert pillars

A Man With A Camera Stands Small Against Red Desert Pillars

a figure in a hoodie on a beach at the shoreline

A Figure In A Hoodie On A Beach At The Shoreline

waves crash at the base of a cliff

Waves Crash At The Base Of A Cliff

a woman in cowboy hat crouches by a tree in the desert

A Woman In Cowboy Hat Crouches By A Tree In The Desert

a woman looks up at stubby stone fingers of desert mountains

A Woman Looks Up At Stubby Stone Fingers Of Desert Mountains

a luscious cliffside cradles a beach

A Luscious Cliffside Cradles A Beach

forgotten architecture in the desert

Forgotten Architecture In The Desert

leisurely stroll through the desert

Leisurely Stroll Through The Desert

rusty tools and machinery

Rusty Tools And Machinery

a woman stands in the middle of a desert highway

A Woman Stands In The Middle Of A Desert Highway

black and white desert scene

Black And White Desert Scene

a cave in the side of a sandstone hill in the desert

A Cave In The Side Of A Sandstone Hill In The Desert

a bed with a blanket inside a caravan

A Bed With A Blanket Inside A Caravan

a rusty old car cuddles a cactus in a desert

A Rusty Old Car Cuddles A Cactus In A Desert

young woman takes in the view

Young Woman Takes In The View

a traditional caravan rests under blue skies in the plains

A Traditional Caravan Rests Under Blue Skies In The Plains

one sunbathing sea lion chats to a sea lion in the water

One Sunbathing Sea Lion Chats To A Sea Lion In The Water

woman sits looking at desert

Woman Sits Looking At Desert

a beach shack on stilts

A Beach Shack On Stilts

sun set over a hilly island by the coast

Sun Set Over A Hilly Island By the Coast

man in front of rock formation

Man In Front Of Rock Formation

decorated pots stacked up

Decorated Pots Stacked Up

a sun-cracked highway through the desert

A Sun-Cracked Highway Through The Desert