Aneta Foubíková

1,5 years of photography experience. More than 5000 photos shooted. Still in learn, but shooting continuously.

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Aneta Foubíková has contributed 10 photos since May 2019

a fluffy sheep smiles in a windy field

A Fluffy Sheep Smiles In A Windy Field

new zealand shorebird tip toes through the surf

New Zealand Shorebird Tip Toes Through The Surf

sunlight bursts through clouds to set hill and flowers ablaze

Sunlight Bursts Through Clouds To Set Hill And Flowers Ablaze

a sea lion yawns by the shoreline

A Sea Lion Yawns By The Shoreline

a solitary tree in a foggy lake with a mountainous backdrop

A Solitary Tree In A Foggy Lake With A Mountainous Backdrop

cloud shadows over rocky mountains

Cloud Shadows Over Rocky Mountains

an inquisitive sheep pops up from the long grass

An Inquisitive Sheep Pops Up From The Long Grass

the tui bird perched atop floral branch

The Tui Bird Perched Atop Floral Branch

a young stag in the sun

A Young Stag In The Sun

a rusty shipwreck sits on the shore

A Rusty Shipwreck Sits On the Shore