Aelis Harris


location Ireland

Light Bursting Through Flowers | View photo

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colorful beads on white

Colorful Beads On White

young red cow standing in green pasture filled with trees

Young Red Cow Standing In Green Pasture Filled With Trees

two letters in a letterbox

Two Letters In A Letterbox

wood working tools laid on a bench

Wood Working Tools Laid On A Bench

lone crow floats on wind up the wall of a rustic castle

Lone Crow Floats On Wind Up The Wall Of A Rustic Castle

carpenter's pencil and tools in sawdust

Carpenter's Pencil And Tools In Sawdust

calm waters reflect puffy white clouds and blue skies

Calm Waters Reflect Puffy White Clouds And Blue Skies

lens flare on close up of white flower

Lens Flare On Close Up Of White Flower

carpentry tools covered in sawdust

Carpentry Tools Covered In Sawdust

carnival rides

Carnival Rides

a hill and tree-covered riverside under a blue sky

A Hill And Tree-Covered Riverside Under A Blue Sky

tides goes out on rural beach

Tides Goes Out On Rural Beach

purple fish

Purple Fish

wood working tools framing a work bench

Wood Working Tools Framing A Work Bench

misty islands

Misty Islands

a ram standing in a field of wheat

A Ram Standing In A Field Of Wheat

paintbrushes of different sizes spill onto a pink table

Paintbrushes Of Different Sizes Spill Onto A Pink Table

sharp yellow seagull eyes in a blur of feather flutter

Sharp Yellow Seagull Eyes In A Blur Of Feather Flutter

ominous portrait of orange fish

Ominous Portrait Of Orange Fish

beach chair with an untold story

Beach Chair With An Untold Story

a river glides under a wooden walkway beneath a blue sky

A River Glides Under A Wooden Walkway Beneath A Blue Sky

a single brown speckled egg in a little nest

A Single Brown Speckled Egg In A Little Nest

sizzling and camping

Sizzling And Camping

tide rolls out from sandbar on pristine irish coastline

Tide Rolls Out From Sandbar On Pristine Irish Coastline

clusters of bright orange berries clinging to branch

Clusters Of Bright Orange Berries Clinging To Branch

posing monkey picture

Posing Monkey Picture

a cattle path up into the hills

A Cattle Path Up Into The Hills

a gnarly tree by the river shelters a heron

A Gnarly Tree By The River Shelters A Heron

close up of a white flower

Close Up Of A White Flower

close up of a white flower on a blue background

Close Up Of A White Flower On A Blue Background

a bubbling river in front of rolling hills

A Bubbling River In Front Of Rolling Hills

morning dew web

Morning Dew Web

bunch of tomatoes

Bunch Of Tomatoes

koi and lilies

Koi And Lilies

quiet wild meadow filled with plants

Quiet Wild Meadow Filled With Plants

light bursting through flowers

Light Bursting Through Flowers

a close up of wood working tools

A Close Up Of Wood Working Tools

dew drop on grass

Dew Drop On Grass

the blue sky over sunlit mountains

The Blue Sky Over Sunlit Mountains

wild mushrooms growing on wood

Wild Mushrooms Growing On Wood

bullfinch break

Bullfinch Break

water flowing over a babbling brook

Water Flowing Over A Babbling Brook

baubles of water hang from blades of grass

Baubles Of Water Hang From Blades Of Grass

waves bubble over riverbank stones

Waves Bubble Over Riverbank Stones

fallen tree and heron

Fallen Tree And Heron

sawdust covers work bench and tools

Sawdust Covers Work Bench And Tools

lemur huddle

Lemur Huddle

to tent and camp

To Tent And Camp

teal lit steps

Teal Lit Steps

colorful plant

Colorful Plant