Andrew Apperley

I am a software developer at Shopify and an amateur film photographer. I started shooting film just over a year ago as an escape from my computer screen. The tech industry is fast-paced and always changing, and I needed an outlet that caused me to slow down and explore the world. This experience has stretched my creatively and I can already see improvement in my work. I use photography as a tool to view the world and share my story without words. My goal is to capture images of natural beauty that tell a story. I use film because it causes me to slow down the process and think about every shot. When shooting, I first choose a film to suit the environment and subject-matter. I then consider the composition, envision it in print, and take one shot. Since I may not see the results for weeks, it’s important that I remain meticulous throughout the process.

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Andrew Apperley has contributed 2 photos since June 2019

bright pink flower blossoms

Bright Pink Flower Blossoms

happy ginger cat

Happy Ginger Cat

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